To You Holy Father, Holy Son and, The Holy Spirit of You, Jesus Christ.

To Be Free, To Be Me, In The Spirit of, Your Ever Presence

Lord of Lord, Son of God, Breath of Life, Resurrection To Life Eternal, In You, With You.

“In Presence of Spirit,” is where I love to be. To Be Free, To Be Me, In The Spirit of, Your Ever Presence.     

    To Put Forth a Mighty Work, For The Lord, With One Heart To Heal, Mankind. Through The Love of God The Father, God The Son and You Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, you left, for each one, to communicate.

    Now You, surely will. Because every time, the writings, are read. Every one of You, will strengthen, The Prayers, The Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, is free to activate, a ritual cleansing, to the oneness of truth, that came from long ago, and far away.

    I have brought it home, with me. I have nurtured each and every writing. And I am still mortally the only writer, accept for scriptures. September 1, 2010 

© 2010-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.