Of course, “Stop Legalized Abortion?”

My first phone Moon Photo's
It Is Me, that Is to share it, with the World

Changed to, “Show Them The Way.” I will put it on a disk, and I will send it electronically, at the Library. 

To The President, The Washington Post and The New York Times. So I am.  Are you ready, yes I am ready to do it so the process will get started now, and I can complete my part. 

I must not be silent anymore.

    I can not be silent anymore. It is Me, that is to share it, Too: The World. One giant step at a time. Clean me up Lord, string by string, mold me into, Your Power Calling, through me. It is meant to be, or it would not be. It is here, in all its beauty. Waiting to be ignited, in every heart, it touches.

 No matter the negative.

    The pain, the isolation, the confusion, the anxiety, the not being able to be free from despair, agony of heart, mind, and soul. Years of bottled up emotions, things you can not get rid of, the lie, the flashbacks of the real trauma of all of it, day in, day out. 

 Why? How can we stop the pain? 

    The Isolation, the know forgiveness, for ourselves and others, the guilt, the loneliness? Is history repeating itself? It all goes back, to where we came from, generations back. We can stop the madness of our pain, our anguish, our disgust, our exhaustion, our traumas of all life’s circumstances. The condition of a people without, The One True Shepard, He has called Me, hook, line, and sinker.

This manuscript is my proof.

Because of course, I am the Author and The Lord through Me is, The Spiritual Author. One in the Lord, through You, round about the Glory of You in Your infinite: Coming home, “In Presence of Spirit,” for each one to come into the presence of spirit, and feel the passion of my one on one, conversations with the Lord. October 8, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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