I read you support the rights of free speech, in all its form.

I read you support the right of free speech in all its forms

You also call for responsibility in exercising this right.

I have a handwritten original manuscript. Edited by me. From beyond, death in the flesh. To writings in the Spirit of Our Lord. That sparked the light for me a sinner to write.

I captured a vision of hope for all to come to, The Glory of God.

    In one heart, one mind, one soul. That is Jesus Christ, in his ultimate return, to all the People of The World, in heart soul revelation.

    I have the first year on disk, but I have no funds to print and send. So in the meantime, I am writing to ask if someone that reads manuscripts will read mine?

    I have to say the originals should be read because it is not copied, very few flaws, scratch outs, it flowed out of my heart on paper. Several people have read twenty-three pages. At this time I have ninety-three writing in 1996. A few before.

The critical writing is “In Presence of Spirit.”

    It was written eight years before. I feel it is a masterpiece, In The Spirit with Our Lord. He guided me, through the whole incredible trip.

    Only my interpretation, because no one has read what I have completed. No one believes. I do not have the ability to write or speak. I am in the midst of destruction again.

    The same thing I wrote about, the negative has consumed my children teenagers and my life. And all their friends are fighting; all the negative has taken the innocence of our children.

Number one causes Alcoholism, Divorce, Infidelity,

abuse in the emotional, physical, verbal, spiritual form. The instability, everyone suffers. Everyone is affected because everyone is looking for meaning and peace. In the internal, eternal place where dwells Our Christ Jesus.

He Heals!

    Even though I am in dire straights, I do not have pain in my being, also though I feel lost Jesus. My finances are low, teenagers making bad choices, getting in lots of trouble and not caring to help solve this sad situation. Individual problems.

    Bad choices from an evasive past of family members generational problems, plus all our own. There is a solution to the writings. I have done what I am supposed to do. I need help now.

I need someone to read it, and I think it can help others find their way, even though I have lost mine again.

    I am not vain. I have had a calling, and I have to follow through, they said, “I needed credentials,” I wrote this and sent it to Zondervan, yeah.

Three things: 1. Wendy: I do not want to use my last name. 2. I can not speak about what was written. No public anything. I can not write. 3. I need copyright. I know we will overcome our problems, but who am I, no one and I wish to remain so. I was given a gift. I have to share. April 27, 2000, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    September 5, 2015, What is funny, I still feel the same way, about all my writings. They are meant to be shared. Wendy This is helping me now in my dire situation, to feel His Presence in the writings, He blessed me to write. Help Lord!

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