Let your “Wise Woman,” drive the bus.

I want to walk in the positive light

Read daily. List three ways to do God’s will. Walk. Write. “Serenity Prayer.” 1000 times, Probably. Do something fun. Three things I am grateful for today. It is very difficult to ask for help. I went to sixty Al-Anon meetings and they shared experiences, strength and hope. I had to make all the decisions and it would take time. I would figure it out, it was so cool.

I went through so many stages,

but I did not journal, at all. It all fell into place. That is a Higher Power greater than myself. Opening the doors to go through unfolding my process to recovery.

I could not function anymore, when I came here. I had exhausted all my energies. I had no more spirit, I was desperate for answers.

I do believe in God, but I have a problem turning my will over to Him, and waiting for my solution.

This is where all my sixty meetings, six counselors, sponsors, priest, friends, rehabilitation, to figure it all out in three months of growth. But actually I was burnt out!

I want to walk in the positive, light not the negative, dark. I want to be opened minded and feel alive in mind, body and soul. I am sick of being dead.

I do believe in God, and I feel God is able to help me, but I have not really pursued that relationship.

I thought I had it, and I lost it again. When my husband left, God opened so many doors for me, pain, school, job, friends that cared, counselors, to help me sort, figure out. I worked my brain off, that is why I came in so frazzled, scattered.

While all this was going on, God was opening doors,

every time I turned around, that last one was taking off, one day notice to come to Minnesota. I know it was God putting me on that plane. The Higher Power is working in my life. I just lost touch again, and I want it back. I am empty.

I need to do the work.

Open, willing, able. Listen, talk, share, read, go to meetings. Your experiences, strengths, and hopes. “Live one day at a time,” Ask Higher Power for help, understanding, guidance, wisdom, knowledge. All positive things and “Thy will be done.”

Willing, honest, opened. I know I need to ask for help and the doors will be opened. April 1995 W. Y. L.  / Wendy Yvette Greenwell August 23, 2015 Twenty Years

I feel I must put these first ones in. They belong here on My Website. It is not a blog anymore, it is My Website, inpresenceofspirit.com. I am still doing this all by myself. This one and the next one are hard for me to Publish. But I think it will show you, how traumatic my experience was.

Sometimes I cannot believe that I have Published all 400 plus writings, but I have, and it is only for His Purpose, that I share “In Presence of Spirit.com,” with anyone who wants to read it.

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