February 4, 2016, This is the beginning of, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.”

These words stood out, in a very stressful time.

Song, Prayer, You, Love, Existence, Free, Self, Secrets, Anymore, You, Then, Words, Life, Truth, Know, Think, Soul, Talk, Confess, Sound Mind, Accounts, Fulfill. January 18, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 10/4/2013 I have republished the writings, signing them the only way I can and dating them.

It was a big surprise to me; I was ready to write.

    It took some time to get there. But when I did, I was sharing, “In Presence of Spirit,” not only with the husband of my youth but to anyone who will, one day read my times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

All variations of the original writing, which is, of course, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    These words stood out, in a very stressful time. The years were not comfortable. What kept me going was my writings. Always knowing I was going to Publish, one day. That day has come. It is incredible to be, “In Presence of Spirit,”

    I do love sharing my writings. The writings of, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” are conversations I was having, “In Presence of Spirit,” with The Lord, to the first person who asked me to pray.

    It was a fluid process, that was delightful, in a stressful, painful time. It is when I had my first glaucoma attack: five grandchildren, now going on fourteen, one in heaven.

“In Presence of Spirit,” has come a long way,

From the start of sharing my writings. This one has its Menu so that the writings will be separated from, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with The Lord.” I did not do that on the main site. I just figured this one out.

Today is my Dad’s 83 birthday.

    I am not as daring as I used to be, the car is old. I thought for a second, I could drive it, but in actuality. I do not have the courage, to drive an hour and a half away with Richard if the car breaks down. I would not have anyone to call for help. We were there a month ago.

All my writings are as is.

    They are shared with you, for forgiveness sake. I share them with you because the blogging system said I could Publish anything I want, and as much as I want. So thus, my writings are shared with anyone who runs across them.

    God Bless the World, Universally Entwined, “In Presence of Spirit.” February 4, 2016, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, Wendy Greenwell May 5, 2016, January 28, 2018, It is incredible to go down memory lane, “In Presence of Spirit,” and all the extensions. The missing pieces are being put back together again and Published to the World. Of course with his permission. Do I miss him? NO! Ha! December 11, 2018, January 19, 2019, Wendy

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