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I Love That It Is Mine To Share

It is funny, how it has been, floating around, on the internet, and few have found it.

There is a book, here, and there

but, not everywhere, I have spent so much time on my writings. I feel it will do, what it is intended, to do. Touch the hearts and minds of my brothers and sisters, That has searched for: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

The Spirit of the Lord is who; I have done this, seventeen part book.

The one that sups with me,  every time pen, has met the paper, “In Presence of Spirit.”  The Spirit of the Lord’s Presence is Manifested, In The Words, The Writings, The Quotes, In The Prayers, Lamentations, The Supplications, Praises, Verses, The Poems.

The one on one, communication in spirit,

that captured me, “In Presence of Spirit,” all those years ago. It is still, utmost on my mind, my heart, and it is to be done, ASAP. I can not procrastinate anymore.

    I do have a heart, and it has been given direction, for seventeen parts of the whole of, “In Presence of Spirit.” I have to see it through. I love it. I love the significance of it. I love the spirit of spirit, communication. I love being, “In Presence of Spirit.” I love the writings, each piece that makes the whole.

I love that it is mine, to share.

To start the chain reaction, of inside, insight, from me to you, from Him who shared in me, His Presence of Spirit. And all it entails.  Since it has been a one women’s journey, from the darkest corners of my soul to the writings from my inner chamber, opened up to January 1996 to April 4, 2011

We will see we will surely, see.

What wonderful plans, God has provided for us already. Stop the madness, Turn to Jesus Christ. In Your Name Lord Jesus Christ. I am fixing to complete this book. yeah right Ha! April 4, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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