You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord

Dear Jesus Christ, Bless You.   

Bless Everyone Who Will Read Our Writings

Bless all Your Angels.  Bless all Your Prophets. Bless All Your Congregation.  Bless All Your Archangels. Bless Principalities, Dominions, Thrones, and Powers of the straight way.

Bless Everyone, who will read Our book, The writings of, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

I love You Jesus, please help me, get in shape, be kind, clean up, get more energy, take care of my plants.
I Love You Jesus, take care of our loved ones in heaven with You, Vanessa, Davin James, Ronny, Tia Olivia, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Eva , Desmond and Genevieve, Tio Robert, Tio Christopher, Charlie, Tio Jim, Tia Viola, Tia Louisa, Guy Pearson, Everyone else that has gone before, all the fetus in the World, that have been aborted.

Oh Lord forgive Us and Bless Us All,

All The People that have been killed in wars, destruction, earthquakes, floods, fire, tornado, explosions, hurricane, accidents, car, plane and train. Murder’s, all the damage going on in the World.
Oh Lord, bless Everyone that has been abused, assaulted, raped, in prison.
Bless Every Person, in The Whole Wide World, that ever was, is, and ever will be.
 With Your Love and Your Strength, and Your Understanding and Your Courage. Your Love, throughout, All Generations.
Your Magnitude of AWE, To The Sinner in Reconciliation, To Your Salvation, In You, Through You, Round About You. In Your Grace, for Everyone to Come Home, To The Oneness in Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. I Love You, Jesus, with all of my heart. May 3, 2003, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 11/27/13, July 17, 2014, October 19, 2014, February 4, 2015, May 31, 2015, Wendy Greenwell May 14, 2016, September 24, 2018, Wendy

©2003-2018 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell from beginning to end

A Journey from darkness to the light. A song, a praise, a verse, a prayer, a poem, to you with love Wendy