I am a firm believer in having SSL Certificates on my sites.

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All content from wendygreenwell.com Will be Published here on inpresenceofspirit.com

Even though I have no commerce activity. Or advertisers, and whatever else would benefit my plight to share my writings.

It took me two years to bring my writings here

to be activated on my inpresenceofspirit.com. I have forwarded wendygreenwell.com the eighty-eight writings belong here with the rest of my writings, the extensions of “In Presence of Spirit.”I will be publishing them for the first time here. When they were here two years ago, they were not activated, thus a website of their own, that was just there, without me working on it. I did not feel right about it. So I took action, and I have extracted, as fast as I could, all content from wendygreenwell.com, and I am Publishing here.

I have taken 32,000 pictures since October 22, 2017,

I learned how to make video’s from photos, then do the videos, and Publish them 29 in all, on YouTube. I finally took care of my problem. I was not happy with eighty-eight writings over there. Now I have my letter writings of 2005, 38 writings from various years.

    I am going to crunch them up, make fewer than 88 writings. I was told I have enough GB to do whatever I want. Like, put some more videos on here. YouTube was fun, and I learned a lot, but it is time for me to complete this part before my 58th Birthday — twenty-seven days.

I feel free to share.

    Here is where they belong. One site four Domains three forwarded to inpresenceofspirit.com. One SSL, One Hosting, One C-Panel, One wordpress.org site, Everything that is “In Presence of Spirit,” for its 30th Anniversary since I wrote it.

    I feel excited; I will see activity like I have not seen for a while, To the ones that have spent time with me, “In Presence of Spirit,” thank you for reading my writings.

    I opened the Subscriptions again although I do not know what to do. One time I closed it when I had over 900 Subscribers. They try to come in on my Admin page and my phone beeps so much. I will try and figure it out.

Well, today is the day that wendygreenwell.com came home to me.

    Thank You, Lord, for expanding my inpresenceofspirit.com this is what you ordered. It is done.

As stated in past writings,

“This is my journey from darkness to the light,” of “In Presence of Spirit’s” extensions.” I still have to look past myself and share my extensions of “In Presence of Spirit.com” Sometimes  I am a little uncomfortable, that is when I Publish anyway, they are meant to be shared. I believe this without a doubt. 

    So with this message, “We, need to lift our hearts and mind’s up to the heavens and bring back the wonderful, inspiring aspects of life. Therefore making us open and receptive souls to rise to heaven when God is ready for us.” It is so nice to be home, home in the heart of my quest and my desire. Home at Wendy’s, “In Presence of Spirit.com” Wendy Yvette Greenwell January 20, 2018

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A Journey from darkness to the light.