I know not where to begin.

I do not know
Christ Jesus Triumphs in His Majesty

I have so many papers, and pages, to edit, my passion is hiding from me.

I hear what words I wrote, but I do not see them anymore. I need to get out of the ordinary perceptions, into the real realizations. Which were planted in the soul, to the fulfillment of God’s promises? I made myself weak. I feel I have lost again, but only to step back and come back stronger. 

    I believe in Christ Jesus’ love, His Inspirations, His Awesome Testimonies of Faith. He has in One Heart of His, Our Father. I would like to write again. I will have my children back. It will happen. “In Presence of Spirit,” will be, Submitted for Publication. I will be happy. In Jesus name, I lay my soul down, and they can purge me out if they so choose. 

    Christ Jesus triumphs in His Majesty. The truth will set the entire World Free, and so it is, the dawning of the new age, of Aquarius. The simple things of life, The Hope of: “World Union!” In Him, In Mass Awareness. 

     A Holy Congregation for Our Lord Christ Jesus. The World Over, Mass Regeneration! So the fulfillment of the promises, which were given to our forefathers, can take their stand. In Jesus I trust. With all of my heart. 1997 Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

©1997-2024 inpresenceofspirit.com by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.