OK, is this what you want, if not explain.

This is Fog with a flash
You sparked the light that had been dark in me for a while.

I have been thinking of what has befallen, (to happen or occur,) our eyes. It is nice, Thanks for asking for my prayers.

You sparked the light that had been dark in me for a while.

    Do you want me to find another non-published material? Bites from heavens door. They have no contract on “Conversations with the Lord,” even so “In Presence of Spirit,” is “Conversations with the Lord.”

We will all recover.

    Light of Jesus  Christ is shining bright, see He put us together for His purpose. He knows, you know, what He blessed me. This is my job. Offer it to the Lord, it is entrusted, and it belongs to the Lord.

Open up the book from time, not so long ago.

    Well ten years, 1996 January, I started writing. I would like to hear back from you, but seeing how you are not going to know, till I publish, I know what I am doing.

I think this is what you were’ saying with your message. “*W G* please pray with me,”

    I remember the excitement I had when I told you what Jesus was doing with me and my writings. When I told you, you knew I was working on something good. I know you understand.

They are separate writings, and they should have been presented like that, but they were not.

One hundred forty writings in the book. That is why I cannot read the book, it is not complete. So what do I do? I cannot pay for it again. I am glad it is you. We cannot fake this one.

    You asked, and you are receiving input of a special place called home, in the love of Christ Jesus. To my man I lost and gained through Christ who strengthens me again. Thank you for asking me to pray. Wendy, Author of, “In Presence of Spirit,” even though it has not been found. Oh well, God has His reasons. August 20, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.