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Thank You For Reading My Writings

Can you believe one writing, has such an impact on my life, that I had to share it to you now? I could not wait another second. That was on August 31, 2012.    

Now it is November 29, 2012; it has always been a special day for me since I was sixteen because it is the birthday of my first love. Then years later, one of my grandsons, birthday.

 It was before the giving up of myself

and giving someone power over the outcome, of my overall existence. It was before the pain and the loss of my innocence. Going from good to a disgrace to God. 

    Going from not knowing, I had a choice, to someone making that choice, their mission, so I have suffered because I let someone else decide. I gave someone else, control over my decision.    

    I got caught up, on a web, of someone else’s, secrets, which caused me to have a complete breakdown. If I had given up the secret, things would have been different. I kept it for eighteen years. It was eighteen years to the second too late. And since then it has been seventeen years. So we are looking at a total of thirty-four years.     

 I do not know anything about blogging.

    I have not looked at anyone’s blogs. I needed to share, “Show Them The Way,” “Sweet Mercies,” “Abortion” and, “In Presence of Spirit.” I got carried away. Right now, I have, seven thousand, two hundred forty-five, views — sixty-seven writings.     
    Thank you for reading my writings. It is at the point if I want to share, I have to update to, be read. I am sick with a bad cold, and I am sad, about the conditions in the World.     

I have shared, extremely personal,

    The Letters to the Lord, sharing, to anyone, who wanted to read them. As private, in spirit, as you can get. The Holy Spirit’s Presence is established in the writings. I Can, Say That, I Can Write It, I Can, Publish It, I Can, Share It. I have.    
    The Prayers, have been, in the Heavens, since the day, I wrote them. Each one is special, entire of itself. Now you have reinforced it, by reading my writings. Documented: four thousand, five hundred sixty-nine, page views, for November 29, 2012. Awesome! I thought last month was okay; it doubled.
    I read in ” A Course in Miracles,” That if “one thousand people have open minds, then one thousand others will open their minds” and the chain reaction will activate the ritual cleansing, to more thousands, of open minds.     
I know, when you read my writings,
    It is like, I am speaking directly to you. Well, first it was for me to write it.  By writing it, I was sharing it, at the same time. Like on earth,  in heaven at the same time which makes it omnipresent.
    It is unusual, to read in the I, of oneself. I know, who do I think I am. I am not, The Holy Spirit, is with me, and through me, “In Presence of Spirit.” The Holy Spirit, indwelling me, and you at the same time.

    Let me put it this way. Your mind might not understand, but your inner being, knows exactly, what is written. It always calm’s me, when I work on them, even now, when I read them, it is still, like the first time, when I wrote them.   

    I knew, when the time, was right, I would reopen my blog. My Writings, Published for all to read, right here, right now, no matter, when I wrote them.
I call that, Only Through, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.
    Because no way, no how, could I do, all this, by myself. No! He Shared, His Presence with me, and I studied hard, and I asked Him, to sup with me, each time, we had, Our Conversations In Spirit To Spirit, Communication. 
    I write this to you right here, right now because, I am at the point where. I can not force myself, to put any more of my writings on, except for this last one, on the internet. And it is going to be hard to push that button. 
    Ha! Anyway, I have run out, of words. I will update the same writings, once a day. For December 2012, and then we will see what I am supposed to do.     

    God Bless The World; In Jesus Christ’s name, I have forwarded, now I am going to wait. Wendy November 29, 2012, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I did delete some of this one. It is possible; it is in the revised. This one was my first freehand, you know writing straight on the computer.

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