1. To My Very Own Savior of Our Souls

My Writings Are In Presence of Spirit

2. In Presence of Spirit 

3. Show Them The Way 

4. State of Being 

5. Sweet Mercies

No one other day would have sufficed. To go back and to state: a matter of fact. My writings of, “In Presence of Spirit,” are in the Spirit of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit’s Presence. He promised every one of us. He showed me the way out of Hell. Into The Ever Presence, In Writing, One on One, Communication, In Presence with The Holy  Spirit. August 31, 2012 

    This day, August 31, 2013, my blog received, 13,324 views for August, it is the most viewed month, since I started.  Thank you for reading my writings. The total is 44,459 views 
     June 15, 2014, September 29, 2014, OK The Total views since I started is 812,018 views,  All the writings, the two, and website together.

    April 18, 2015, OK since I have some data on here, I am going to top it off with, All together my writings have been viewed, 1,050,053 times. This site hit 541,764 this morning, and there has been some activity, 97 visitors, last time, I checked. Thank You for reading my writings. 

    May 23, 2016 the total for this site is, 983,878 + 79,941 for Wendy…and still 508,289 for blogger. It comes out to 1,572,108 views, All Together. I need 16,122 views to hit a million on this site. Thank you for viewing.

    On January 5, 2017, I do not have the total for this site. All I know is 2016 was 258,002 views. I took a break. There are lots of things I need to do, and I do not know, how to do, on the site. I have done this by myself. I need help, so I am going back to the Publication of my book, “In Presence of Spirit.” I am going to ask for help. July 16, 2016, I have not asked anyone for help except GoDaddy. October 8, 2018, Wendy

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