To The Person or People, who read these pages.

Quicksand Everywhere I Turn

I have found in the last three and a half years, “Quicksand.” Everywhere I turn, with these words that came out of my inner chamber. Ten people have read the first twenty-four pages. I shocked them, no one understood. It was all hush, hush, embarrassed for me or of me. Because well, I am who I am, Wendy.

I found relief, through the words of the Prophets, from Christ with love.

    The passion, stirred my soul, to the answers of the whole. One Christ, One Mind. The Passion of Christ penetrated a small opening, and words were ignited, out of my heart, through my writing.

    I caught the whole incredible trip, from beyond the dead, through Christ’s love. To the opening of everyone’s, everlasting souls. In Peace, not turmoil.

    Releasing the generational garbage, at the door of the altar. Healing is inevitable. Will take place for the regeneration of The World.

I wish to remain anonymous, (for now.)

    My boasting is through the Spirit, in the faith of Jesus Christ Ever Presence. It seems to me, a call for love came through on paper, for me to share.

    As God, is my witness, I will not die before, In Presence of Spirit, is wholly submitted. I feel because of The World’s, situation, and my position. I need to cut to the chase.

I am going to send my manuscript to an Editor,

so they can read it, and let me know something. I have enough writings, to make a book, possibly two. Even if I were never to write another word, all were captured in, In Presence of Spirit.”

    I have twenty-four months of pages, like these, all pertain for the love of Christ, in the faith of, His Ever Presence. We are here for a purpose.

My purpose was to write, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Extended version, easy but complicated reading. I feel it will ease other people’s pain. I have originals and excerpts, on most of my writings. Dated.

    I cannot speak in this form, and I have weakened myself, and I am no longer, able to write in Spirit. I am in the stress of my whole situation, and I need fast help.

    No one has given me the go-ahead. Every one of my family etc. Have told me to burn it, to store it, to forget about it, it is only meant for me. I can not forget.

I have spent my life in preparation for the fulfillment of, “In Presence of Spirit,”

And I will not let my love, my life, my reason for living still, not be read. So putting all the negative behind, I go forward, to sending these pages to hopefully, an Editor, that would readily, be willing to read it, in its entirety. And possibly give me a little support.

    There is understanding, take the chance. I can not get over the fact, that I have writings, that need to be read. With an open heart, and an open mind.

I am just sorry, I have lost the ability, and inspiration, in me but, it is evident, in the writings. I still believe. Let me know, please. April 7, 1999, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I did send it, the person wrote me back, and said she did not have time to read it.

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