Thank You, Lord, for the help in our time of need.

Thank You, Jesus, for this beautiful day

The car Lord, Oh Jesus, we desperately need the car running. Thank You for putting me to work on the house and land. The plants and trees are beautiful. Help  Us, Jesus. We need Your Ever Presence to penetrate, everyone’s, internal awakening. From without to within.

Ask for understanding.

    Lord Jesus in Your name, I ask for understanding of the mysteries of existence. Make it big. Your truth, through the ages.

    Lord, bring down, Your Holy Comfort, on the multitudes of existence. Ignite the Light of You, in each and every one.

Ask, and you will receive, an insight of the oneness,

in Spirit with Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, and me, and now you make three. These prayers are for The Holy Spirit’s Purpose. April 24, 2009

May 7, 2009 – Beautiful Day:

    Thank You, Jesus, for this beautiful, hot day, here in deep South Texas.

    Where am I, when I am without? The teaching is even though we might think; we are without, we are not by the grace of The Divine Blood.

    In the name of Our Father, that has conquered defeat. The Holy Spirit lives. Spirit lives in every one of Us. All we have to do is activate the ritual cleansing, to ritual purification, In You, With You, Through You, Roundabout The Glory of You, in The Holy Spirit’s Presence in Spirit.

My nest of omnipresent writing, in the Spirit of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    With Jesus, with Wendy, writing to The World. I am bold because, in Spirit, I have achieved an understanding, that I once, and for all, have to share. It was, is and will always be, the “I have to, of it all.”

    I did the right thing. Even those closest to me, that knew about the writings, did not care to remember. It has always been OK because I know and Richard knows, my writings are significant, to the fulfillment of my heart’s desire, and my heart’s quest.

The Presence of The Holy Spirit has guided me through.

    I will not let my love, and my life, not be read in its entirety. I miss writing.

    “A Course in Miracles,” always gives me insight, to the understanding, of each one of our existence, even if there are the few, that do not believe.

    I believe with all my heart, with all my soul, that The Holy Spirit is my Eternal Companion, and it is for Spirit’s Purpose, that I share. It never was for me alone. I am the writer of it, The Father is the completer. Wendy Yvette Greenwell January 13, 2016, My twin caught quite a few fish, at our Dad’s pier.

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