Si-rah 15:10 A hymn should be an expression “Inspired by the Lord himself.”

You Are Not Talking To The Mind

Chronicles 17:2 Do all that is in your heart; for God is with thee. You are not talking to the mind.

You are talking to the heart and soul.

(to the soul of the mind, just figured that, one out.) Which lies locked inside, only to be released, by the eighteen-inch transition, from mind to heart, can be attained through, Jesus Christ. Your Life, Your Ministry, Your Death, and Your Resurrection to Life Eternal.

 Following through in Your Arms of Love, Peace, and Contentment.

The releasing of the cobwebs of time gone past, and enveloping freedom from bondage.

Thank You, Jesus, for understanding,

Bless Everyone, with knowledge, The Whole World Together. Let’s show them, there is life after death, with You in peace. All facets of non-awareness abolished. You Rule, through Your coming down, to live a one heart life, through Your Life, Ministry, Death, and Resurrection, To Life Eternal. 

 To him which hath ears, let him hear.

To him which hath eyes, let him see. To him which hath faith, let him perceive. To him which hath courage, let him understand, “the writings on the wall.”

The fight is over through Jesus Christ.

Book of Daniel, Old Testament, “in time past, time present, time future.” In One Mass Union of Faith through Jesus Christ, God is Calling, Us Into Him. To them that are still lost, there is freedom beyond the veil. From darkness to light, through Jesus Christ’s, Resurrection to Life Eternal from God, For The Promises. May 7, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell I do not know where I found Sir-ah 15:10

©1997-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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