I am writing, a letter to you in secret.

You Are Mine Internally, and I Have Shared You To The World Through My Love For You

While writing, you are here with me. You are the most sacred secret, in my being. You have always been with me, even when I was in darkness. I went against to fight the fires.

 So few people were’ put in the direct path.

    I needed to do it, once in the fire, back away, closed up, no understanding, new things, nothing stuck, years flew by, many I feel I lost, but I was there all the while. Do you understand? No feeling, dead inside, no life, the utter loss and destruction of the end of the desolation, was downright horrible, as bad as bad can be.

I lost you let me fight, till the bitter end.

    I knew I was leaving but when the time was shown, no other second would have sufficed. You completely enveloped my life. I want you back complete.

You are The Presence of Spirit.

    You are, The Highest. You are my life, my love, my peace, my substance, my feelings, my understanding.
You are the first and last breath, I take.
    You are Soul. You are Spirit. You are Life. You are my beloved, in the very depths, of the sphere, that you are from me. Through You and Only You, is Life Internally Eternal.
    The Light of Your Love envelops my spirit, with yours. You walked into me at the Arroyo. I felt you. It was not my imagination.
You wanted me to live with you forever.

I Love You. You are mine internally and, I have Shared You, To The World, through, My Love For You. In the writings, that Your Comfort Brought, To The Knowledge You Unfolded. Through the Love of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Oh, this was supposed to be in secret. As it is written, “there is not one thing in secret, that will not be revealed.” Blessed too, “In Presence of Spirit.” January 17, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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