Dear Jesus, bless this day in every way.

Dear Jesus Bless This Day In Every Way

Fill the air with the breath of, Your Ever Lasting Peace.

Let The Spirit of Truth, Come Down To Greet The Souls, that need, Your Solitude. Bless the afflicted to understand, Your Guiding Power. 

Bless The Children and All The People of The World that need Your Love.

Bless The Elderly, that are waiting for You. Assure everyone with Your Presence of Spirit, that You are there guiding them to the next moment, and through to forever.

    Bless the People who have no hope, give them strength, to overcome all the obstacles. Bind Satan, in chains, and put him under, all Our feet, in Jesus Christ’s name. Bless the sick of heart, and health. Bless the lame, the insane, bring a cure for every illness.

Open the door of Your heart, and bring guidance from abroad.

Bless Everyone, with the purpose of finding, You in their mind, heart, and soul. Let them know that, they are not alone.

Open the window of time, to take the shadow of despair, off their past.

Bring them to the present, that Your gifts, bring. Lord Jesus Christ in God We Trust, You are Our Savior. Our Love. Our Life. Bestow, Grace on The Multitudes. Bring satisfaction to the oneness of truth. Bring Peace to Our Souls.

Help the Abused Women and Children,

and break the barrier of control, out of their alcoholic drug barren husbands, hands. Bring Love and Peace to the low in Spirit. Bring People working together, for Your Cause, “bring gladness to hearts for sure there is an end to pain.”

Lord forgive Us of All Our Trespasses.

 Forgive us for our weaknesses. Forgive us, for the lack of knowledge and understanding. Forgive us, for thinking that Our lives are like this because there is no way to fix it.

Give light and inner perseverance, to the absolute oneness, of You, which is of You, In You, Round About, The Glory of You, In Your Coming Home, to Each and Every Individual in, The World.

    Bless every Soldier fighting for Man’s cause. Bless to the knowledge, that Christianity, is nothing to fight about, but to give oneself to You, to help the other, not hurt. In Jesus Christ Ever Loving Name. October 24, 2002, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2002-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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