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Help Me Promote Our Writings

We need You, Jesus. Help me promote our writings. See how much. Just do it. Nothing in my brain. OK, I want to be thinking again. The excitement, the inspiration, the right feeling. I have no feelings. I am clammed up. Solo, it is not supposed to be this way.

Lord Jesus, open my mind, heart, and soul, To Your Presence of Spirit.

    Bring me back, into the I of me, that is not consumed, with the World. Oh Lord, I need You. I want You. I want what You have to give to me. It has been stored. I am ready for it, Lord. I am surely ready for everything.

Specific questions, “ask to your heart’s desire.”

    Ask for everything. “Open your mouth and ask the Lord for what you want.” I want to do everything; I need to do, to share my writings, to a lot more people.  So they can read our writings, they are all, “In Presence of Spirit.” I want to write. “I want to be happy, healthy, strong, loving, harmonious, successful.”

I want to write for You, Lord. I want to share “Our Writings,” To The World.

    I want more views. I want all the positive, to come true, in all the writings. Save The World. Millions of Millions, even, Billions of People. I want to help the multitudes, in the blood of Jesus. I want to be alive in Spirit. I want to be happy. I want to change Lord, through “In Presence in Spirit,” You shared with me.

I Love You, Jesus.

Help me accomplish everything that has been written and, let’s share these precious moments. I have with you, “In Presence of Spirit.”

“I want to love as I have never been hurt.”

    I want a new outlook on life. I am depressed, lack of energy, enthusiasm, no spark. Sure I love the writings. I am just all by myself in all of this. I want prayers as comments. Open up the World to, “In Presence of Spirit.”

I Love You, God. I Love You Father of All Mankind. I Love You with all my heart. October 30, 2013, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2013-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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