Bring all The Love of Your Prophets, Apostles, Saints, from the beginning of time

Wow! Beautiful Sunset
In Jesus Christ Name Touch each and everyone’s soul with Your Divine Love

    You have encountered, many enlightened, and multitudes, that is not. In Jesus Christ Name, Lord touch each, and everyone’s soul with your Divine Love. Bring Salvation, closer than ever. Bring it to the hearts, and minds of the individual in need of, Your Ever Presence. “Bring gladness to hearts, for sure there is an end to the pain.”

Jesus Christ in Your Presence,

    In Your Understanding, Patience, Knowledge, Fortitude, In Your Guidance, In Your Courage. In The Faith, You have bestowed on millions of multitudes. Bring All The Love of Your Prophets, Apostles, Saints, from the beginning of time. The Angels that be. The Holy Spirit, The Comforter. The Restorer of Our Souls, which is, The Holy Spirit of You, Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Jesus Christ, for not leaving One of Us Alone.

    Even though we are lost for some days, We will be shown that Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done on Earth, as it is, in the Kingdom of Heaven Within. In every individual, The Kingdom of Your Heaven is waiting, to be set free, after the purification of their souls, in their rightful place.

Lord Jesus

    Clear the misconceptions, and abomination of existence. Bring Your Internal Presence, into The Hearts, that have not found You, yet. Take the veil, the fog, the darkness off of their minds, and hearts, and bring peace to their souls. So They Can Heal Through You, and Will Benefit, Mankind in Significant Ways. First for Their Souls, then To Those, They Will Bless through The Love, Salvation, Redemption, Resurrection of Your Ever Presence.

Jesus Christ,

    Guide and direct the husband of my youth’s Spirit to the absolute truth, which is, In You, Through You, Round About You; To The One Truth, You are The Redeemer of Our Everlasting Souls. Bring healing to the oneness of truth, Lord Jesus, that is, In You.

Thank You, Jesus Christ,

for all the writings, from all the letters, I wrote to him. You know Lord Jesus, I tried, to get them to him, but I missed the place, and time. To come seven months later, to give him, The Encouragement and Presence of Your Ever Loving Holy Spirit. To help him through lonely times, and for, “The Regeneration of Our Souls.”

    To cleanse the cobwebs of misconception, and to know, We are not crazy, for Hearing You, Feeling Your Presence, Writing to You, in Spirit of Your Ever Presence.

    Knowing, You are one breath away, To The Presence of Our Holy Father, that forgives Us Our trespasses and iniquities.

    To guide, and direct, Our intimate being, to the answers, that are through You, Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, Redeemer of Our Souls. “Ask, and the way will be shown, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find.” The Kingdom of Heaven is within reach, it is in your internal being. February 12, 2006, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2006-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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