We are one in spirit in our conversations.

I had so much fun taking photo’s that night.

We can do it. Presence, spirit, love, heart, conversation, communication.

    First, I through diligent study wrote these documents. Each piece has it’s own identity. Then I share them to the World.

    It is what it is, a gift to you, and yours, and from you, and yours, to put an end to the pain, and peace to our souls.

    It matters! They are all beautiful writings. They are not gibberish. If it is just for me so, be it. I am sharing anyway. They are A-Okay with me.

    Something I had to do. All of it. It is big, huge, gigantic, it really is. Only a little over 2,500,000 page views since I started on December 13, 2013 to date. September 25, 2022.

    “We all will overcome by the blood of Jesus the Christ. Who is, and ever shall be World with no end. Lord bring your light to the inner parts of every one’s voyage, and let’s bring in the Celebration, of “The Father of All Mankind.” God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God is in everything. We will see what is up on this my plight to the light that has enlightened the cosmos.

     All of my Posts are my personal conversations with the Lord. I am sharing with the World. They are for anyone who passes by this Website. Or update. Still not Social.

    I am still by myself in this, and I can not push some buttons. At the least I am not deleting some personal stuff. Some times, I freak, but I had to Publish, all of what I have Published.

I took some time away from the Computer. I finally have my room the way it is most comfortable. My youngest daughter is sleeping here tonight, with a mask on. It is good to have her here with me. Back to the writing.

    It is what it is. Put, an effort. You gave the effort, and God will take you out of darkness into the light of the ever presence. Realizing, I am talking to myself, Hello, but because I am this present day writer coming out of the dark. I am talking to the I am, me that makes it Universal omnipresent, present tense, right here, right now.

    Show me Lord, what I need to do to make it more accessible. Oh Lord help! I am having a conversation in Spirit, in the oneness in Christ Consciousness. The present moment of now. Right now from here in eternity. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell