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I could not have made it through all these years without my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” with The Holy Spirit of The Lord.

    A person wrote that my is from my ego. Her ego is getting convicted. That is why she cannot fathom the depths of my life’s misery from without to within, “In Presence of Spirit.” Ego has nothing to do with it, period end of the story.

    I have thrown out there hundreds of writings, from both my sites. I do not call the forgiveness of sins and who is responsible for me to write in the way I did, I have, and I am. It is in the I of me that is “In Presence of Spirit,” with The Holy Spirit of The Lord. I tell all of you, I could not have made it through all these years without my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” with The Holy Spirit of The Lord. Repeat on that one.

    My private conversations with The Lord has been out there since September 2011. I threw it out there all messed up, and I had to put it all together again. May 6, 2017

I have been shouting out to the World my writings since September 2011.

    Too bad, I deleted everything on Facebook. I went for it because I had to tell my first love before I could figure out how I was going to say it to The World about, “In Presence of Spirit,” and the extensions.

    I am content with not having any substantial personal comments about my writings in General. I ran across one on the web where my writings are some of them anyway a woman wrote, “that all of it comes from my ego.” I do not see that. There was nothing left of me when I sunk into my inner chamber and accepted in complete totality, The Savior’s gift to me. Forgiveness of sins and the inheritance of His Gift to me, a sinner in bondage, straightway from my hell into His Heaven.

The Spirit of The Lord lifted me out of darkness into the light of His Ever-presence.

    In One with God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit. The instant I accepted him into my innermost being, He sparked the light lets of His Divine Promise to me broken from bondage to prepare a way for me to write all our times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    That they are, I was not having conversations with myself. I am having conversations with The Lord. Since the beginning. I knew one day I would share them with the World. It is for the Spirit of The Lord’s purpose that I continue to share my writings.

    I am not in good shape. I have several issues, what is the use? Close it up. Who cares. So I have begun my manuscript. I have kept myself from mourning my 2007 HP Pavilion and all its contents. I still have the pictures on the sites.

For years, my ex-husband would pop up.

    He came to see the growing family, visit, stay the night. Not with me on the couch. Then one night in July 2016 he shows up for an all-niter. He saw the six people who were living here then; he visited with Richard then he found me outside in the backyard, with my plants and trees.

    The first thing that comes out of his mouth was, “Have you ever been in love.” “My reaction, I laughed and said yes with my illusion.” Boy, that opened up a nine-hour conversation. Which caused me a bad break out of Rosacea and Glaucoma attack and I missed my Eye Specialist appointment that day.

    In the end, he wanted a hug, well Lexie the German Shepard stood up and tried to bite him, on the face, if he had not reacted as he did, hand up protecting his face and hand in the dog’s mouth. He would have been bitten. He says oh I have one more beer you want to talk some more I said no and went in, agony.

I felt relieved though.

    On the other hand, the truth set him free from me. Scratch his truth about our marriage. He claimed he loved me and would take care of me. It all became the lie that lost itself in the day to day not marrying your one true love.

    I felt I did not deserve him because I was tainted and I would never be worthy. But this guy smoothed talked his way to marrying me fast. We made a pact he would take care of me, and I would not cheat on him. I did not want to stay with my parents. I was in no condition to work.

Since July 2016 I have only seen him five times.

    We do not talk on the phone anymore. He is a truck driver like our Son. He asked me one time, “do you worry about me?” I said no that’s not my job. My Son had to pick an 18 Wheeler job cross country, across the United States back down, then up again every 36 hours. I hate it. I have to put you in the Lord’s hands Son. Drive Careful. He loves it.

    My oldest daughter is expecting her sixth child. That makes the total seventeen grandchildren one in heaven. We never got to be Grandparents together. That is sad in a way. I miss him. There is just nothing left for us, to say to each other.

    It really is a good thing. He made his choice the day he left our family, never to return to once was. Thank You, Lord. I am happy to be free, not chained and gagged.

    I have written pages that I can Publish. Will I? Can I? Could I? Should I? We will see. Thank You, Lord, for all Our Times, “In Presence of Spirit.” Short ones, long ones, all of them the whole bunch of Our Writings in, “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” May 8, 2017, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2017-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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