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In search of truth this last year.

It was a nice storm in the back yard.
I have to put this on now

I have revealed over hierarchy in a spiritual professional: Vice Principal, teachers, counselors, at the schools and Principle. Keith great Counselor, I shocked him, I guess I have shocked many. Oh well. Keith told me I needed 150 Alanon meetings and to go to three meetings before Monday, when I would meet Gail.

    Well, I did hit three meetings, and in the next two and a half months, I went to sixty Al-Anon meetings, five Counselors, “Women Together,” Tris, Mary which were extremely important because I got to cleanse without shame, things pouring out, I had never told anyone. (Not even my twin.)

My feelings as the worthy person started sparking.

    Two and two were’ coming along fine. The Revelations of the truth the real truth of why we live in our hell with everyone else’s on top of ours.

    Our faith is there, even though we do not think we have any. Okay, I ended up the only compassionate certified work I could get. I applied and pleaded my desperation to the RN. She enrolled me in Certified Nurses Assistant, training.

He left January 1995; this was already March.

   The first week of school was Spring Break, and I had always been with my children. 7:15 to 5:15. Can you imagine me in whites, yuk? So I went the two weeks, the kids survived, no one was hurt. No one checked on them.

   I went in, on the 27th of March to take my hands-on State Test, I passed it. On the 28th I went in for the written test on a Bacardi hangover. Results in six weeks. I was supposed to start work the next week.

Tuesday night I was alone,

Wednesday at a friend, Thursday reserved reservations, Hazelden bound, Friday I was in Minnesota.

Everyone wondered why there.

    I was not loony tunes; I was a co-dependent disaster. I was the fastest person to go through Hazelden’s System. To a mind-altering drug prescribed, Zoloft by a Psychiatrist, I needed something. April 1995 W. Y. L.

August 24, 2015

I was there a week in October 1994, for “Family Recovery.” Then I got accepted because of my condition. Not because I am an alcoholic. That got me in though. I needed to be in Minnesota; it was just what the Lord ordered. I was there for thirty days. I learned a lot, met a lot of people. Heard their stories, it was an extraordinary paradise; I got to be there for me. “Paradise accepted me, and I went.”

    After I left there I went to Church, and the rest is history. My history anyway of why “In Presence of Spirit’s,” writing, and extensions are so vital for me to share.  Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Let your “Wise Woman,” drive the bus.

Sunset in the backyard.
I want to walk in the positive light

Read daily. List three ways to do God’s will. Walk. Write. “Serenity Prayer.” 1000 times, Probably. Do something fun. Three things I am grateful for today. It is very difficult to ask for help. I went to sixty Al-Anon meetings, and they shared experiences, strength, and hope. I had to make all the decisions, and it would take time, I would figure it out; it was so cool.

I went through so many stages,

But I did not write a journal, at all. It all fell into place. That is a Higher Power more significant than me, opening the doors to go through unfolding my process to recovery.

    I could not function anymore when I came here. I had exhausted all my energies. I had no more spirit; I was desperate for answers.

I do believe in God, but I have a problem turning my will over to Him, and waiting for my solution.

    This is where all my sixty meetings, six counselors, sponsors, priest, friends, rehabilitation, to figure it all out in three months of growth. But I was burnt out!

    I want to walk in the affirmative, light not the negative, dark. I want to be open-minded and feel alive in mind, body, and soul. I am sick of being dead.

I do believe in God, and I feel God can help me, but I have not pursued that relationship.

    I thought I had it, and I lost it again. When my husband left, God opened so many doors for me, pain, school, job, friends that cared, counselors, to help me sort, figure out. I worked my brain off, that is why I came in so frazzled, scattered.

While all this was going on, God was opening doors,

every time I turned around, that last one was taking off, one day notice to come to Minnesota. I know it was God putting me on that plane. The Higher Power is working in my life. I just lost touch again, and I want it back. I am empty.

I need to do the work.

    Open, willing, able. Listen, talk, share, read, go to meetings. Your experiences, strengths, and hopes. “Live one day at a time,” Ask Higher Power for help, understanding, guidance, wisdom, knowledge. All positive things and “Thy will be done.”

    Willing, honest, opened. I know I need to ask for help and the doors will be opened. April 1995 W. Y. L., Wendy Yvette Greenwell August 23, 2015, Twenty Years

    I feel I must put these first ones, they belong here on My Website. It is not a blog anymore; it is My Website, I am still doing this all by myself. This one and the next one are hard for me to Publish. But I think it will show you, how traumatic my experience was.

    Sometimes I cannot believe that I have Published all 400 plus writings, but I have, and it is only for the Holy Spirit’s Purpose, that I share “In Presence of,” with anyone who wants to read it.

231,033 for the year, 426,939 December 13, 2013 to December 31, 2014 = 657,972 views. Blogger had 508,289 views, that makes it, viewed altogether 1,166,261 times. But it has not been read that many times. Whatever. has 949,316 views, since December 13, 2013. has 75,148 views since January 18, 2016 and of course the blogger that is drafted 508, 289 = 1,532,753 views. Thank You, Jesus Christ, for Yours and my, “In Presence of Spirit” and all it’s extensions. Thank you for viewing my writings. Wendy As of April 30, 2022, has 2,338,848 page views.

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Creativity, I have always wondered what I could do.

Sunset in the back yard
I have not soul searched

But I am idle, Not really, I am taking care of my three children. 1982, 1984, 1986. 6, 4, 2. I start things then let them go. I have not done a third of the things that Our Lord, has put me on this earth to do.

    I have not been soul searching. I am not well-read; I am not organized, I feel I am in confusion a good deal of the time. So how could I write such a beautiful piece of inspiration like? “In Presence of Spirit.”

    I have wasted so much time, Why no strength, I can not see the end of the rainbow, it is right in front of me, but I go right past it. My faith needs to grow stronger. Faith in every single aspect of my life. When I was young, I used to think I wanted to help people. I can not even help myself. I will not fail You, Lord. Wendy L. August 24, 1988, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1988 – 2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Life is but a never-ending circle,

Let’s Lift Our Hearts and Minds To The Heavens

ageless at times but fascinating; the circles become cycles day by day week by week month by month year by year time never-ending but standing still. Prayers can reach the heavens, and evil seems to lurk, all around.

Where do you turn?

    Heaven is the way, not hell. We are all here for a purpose, to fulfill God’s Plan. He’s waiting, watching in every corner, for his people to say: “I give back To You Dear Lord, what you have given me: my love, and my life to fulfill the plan, You have made, for every person, on this planet, we call Earth.”

    Life is but a dream. The trials and tribulations, we face are human-made. To fulfill, Our Creator’s Plan, we need to pray, and give ourselves, to the Lord, and then life will kick on, in high gear.

God’s Plan is Everlasting Life.

    Ours is, to repent our sins, to pray daily, too fast at times, and to believe, that, Our Lord Jesus Christ, died for Our Salvation. He died, so we may live eternal if we submit, ourselves to God.

So many people are suffering, in all negative ways.

    They try to reach for peace, but they cannot find it. Oh, so many destructive patterns, man has made for himself. God, did not make these, unfortunate circumstances. The man started making these, before the flood in Noah’s time: it is true, “oh ye of little faith.” We lose our faith, at the drop of a pin, but the Lord is there, to pick us right up, and love us no matter what.
We can repent our sins,

     Forgive ourselves and others, and hand it right to the Lord, in Jesus’ name. What a joy, to know, we can be saved, and we can live beautiful, peaceful lives if we abide by the words through the prophets of God. Everything that the people of this world should know, what is right is in the Bible.

     Our Eternal Lives are at hand. Give yourselves through Jesus Christ, To God, and he will take care of every one of us. There is too much ugliness, In The World.  So let us, raise our hearts, and minds to the heavens, and bring back the beautiful aspects, of life, therefore making us, open souls, to rise to heaven when God is ready for us.

     Let us not wait, much longer. Love your husbands, love your wives, love your children,  your family,  your friends, and by all means love yourself. Think. Creative joy is in your hands.  Edited July 1988

    I feel the imminent need, to exercise My Rights As A United States Citizen, My Rights of Freedom of Speech. My Rights of Freedom of Press. My Rights of Freedom of Religion. Which is Spiritual entire of itself? Wendy Yvette Thatcher Greenwell.

    This is my favorite picture, so it is on several times. Wow! The big picture is not on here anymore because I changed the size to save bandwidth for others.

    Last edit, “In Presence of Spirit,” Three decades old. Happy 30th Anniversary, “In Presence of Spirit,” The Original and the edited one, this one. I went from no words to, “In Presence of Spirit,” out of the blue. All the extensions are part of the whole of my conversations with the Lord. “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord. “To You with Love, January 22, 2019, Wendy

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Love in crisis: what do you do?

Love In Crisis What Do You Do

Life in turmoil: where do you turn? Truth in existence is right in front of you. Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

    Know thyself. How? To Think. How? Soul search. How To talk to yourself, How to talk to God, How To Confess your guilt! Confess your innermost secrets to the Lord, and ask him to take them away, so they cannot haunt you anymore.

    Why? It is the only way you can receive forgiveness, and by doing that, you can be set free from your pain. Forgiving yourself is the key, June 11 and then you forgive others through Jesus Christ’s love. August 29, 1988, Wendy Yvette Lyke I put this on the preface of the book because that is where it belonged, but now it has it’s home right here. Picture Kauai

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