Oh Lord, Thank You for introducing me to John Michael Talbot.

Everything Is Verified From Without To Within

Awesome. “Meditation from Solitude”

Everything is verified from without to within the internal purification of Our Soul. From Jesus Christ, with loads of love, and bountiful blessings for Mankind, to come out of the outer, and into the presence of the Highest. Inside your inner being. Ready to ignite the light in the true awakening for Everyone, not just my soul.

In One with The Holy Trinity, One in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

    One In Presence of His Spirit in Me, and in You. Now and Forever. Once and for All. For all time. From here into Eternity.

    “In Presence of Essence in Spirit.”  One on One Communication, not just for myself. But for Mankind, as a whole. Not from Me but, The Christ In Me, that has been freed to express all that is, “In Presence of Spirit.” Just because I am a hermit now, I find out that I am part of, The Whole of The, “Monastic Union,” In One With The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

I am pleased to meet with You, Every one of You, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Happy I am that these precious moments, I have with You, Lord is understood, in simplicity, clarity, so innocent but hiding until now, when all will be said and done, and it is to be, what it is.

    “A Gift, To You and Yours and From You and Yours, To Put An End To The Pain and Peace To Our Souls” 96′ One in Spirit. One in The Lord.

    One With, and In The Presence of Your, Holy Spirit Jesus Christ. Thank You for The Fulfillment of Our Book, Writing extensions, and it’s safe to return, To All those People who find, “In Presence of Spirit’s,” reassurance. 

We are not alone; we are among, The Spiritual Awakening of The 21st Century.

    Back to where We began, with The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, Ruler of Our Eternal Souls. In Spirit of His Eternal Spirit. Within the inner chamber of Our Soul. One Love. One True Love. Eternities, One True Love. It is Him, we are searching for, until “The Holy Spirit takes the garment off fast and it is thrown away to time past. “96′

    It is everyone’s destiny; we are all going back to where we began, Spiritually, One with The Holy Father, One with The Holy Son, One with The Holy Spirit.  My Life, My Love, is Jesus Christ, who gave Me, Life, “In Presence of Spirit.” This manuscript is an extra big assignment for Me.

So you can bypass, not knowing, what it is like, to be, “In Presence of Spirit.”
    From The Spirit of Christ Within Us All. In Union. Universally Entwined. In the Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, guiding you through the wilderness of your journey. To The Very Presence of Jesus Christ, in the here and now of yesterday’s, tomorrows.
In The Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Lord of Lord. The Only Light. The One True Love. The Kingdom Within, Each and Every one of Our Souls. “In Presence of Spirit,” is soon to be found. In Jesus Christ name, Your Will and My Will is done on Earth, as it has always been, in Heaven. March 19, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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