I am the author of, “In Presence of Spirit,” and In Presence of Spirit in Conversation with the Lord,”

I Place The Matter In Your Hands

The name changed many times. The whole incredible trip from beyond the dead to life, “In Christ,” is so awesome. I have to share. Whether or not, you are ready. It is finally ready, to be let free.

Now is the time, then was not, I had a lot more writing to do. The last hours to the close of this year of the conversations with the Lord. I will read yours, whoever you might be.

    Dear Jesus Christ, I am coming to You at the end of this journey, with you in writing. I figure this is, Your designated time for me, to complete finally, what has been given in writing.

    As stated: I have to look past myself, and give you what Jesus Christ has given me. For whoever will ever, read this work of wordy expressions of love. Through the Spirit, of the oneness of hope and faith. There is a better today, for all concerned.

    For Everyone In Heart, Soul Revelation, through Christ Jesus, Who strengthens The Congregation, through You, In You, With You, Round About The Glory of You, Jesus Christ in Your World Awakening.

“I Love You, Jesus Christ.”

    I Miss You. I Have To Share You, To The World, In Your Hands. I Place The Matter of Fact, In Your Hands.” Crisis Center, people needing help, now. No time to wait, forever and a day, and that day never comes. Oh, I have waited so long, for this day to finally come. It is at my gate. I know my boldness, will peek through, and the doors will start swinging open. Oh Lord Have Mercy On Us. November 26, 2008 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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