I drove to the Arroyo,

You Are A Free Bird With Broken Wings

Brazoria, Houston, Bay Town and then to San Antonio, by myself, during my trip from, The Valley, in one day.

Whether you choose to see, the whole situation, as something I have or had control of, is your business. But maybe when you stop walking daily in the burning coals of the fire.

    Every time your lips utter one judgment, who is the loser. And always on someone else. “Judge not lest ye be judged,” is one of the rules of life. The one which is written, and passed down through the centuries, and many generations.
    I think there is more to all of what I saw and heard. After having been out of the line of fire, for a time. I came back in, and I was judged, tried, and hung, by all you, who are suffering, the same afflictions, in your own life.
    Be that as it may, you are suffering the ending cycle, of a long legacy of misgivings, and horrid misconceptions. The whole world is suffering.

You have your own horror stories, past and present.

    You and yours are suffering what? The things you judged me on the same fights, the same problems. You are making little mistakes, which are “avalanche.” You are holding anger, hurt, and pain.
    You are lonely for companionship, the way you know it to be. You think you can gain some control of the alcoholism, of the elements which cause an utter loss of power, but maintaining existence, is to know life, and hope.
    You, my dear, know where the solution is. The answer does not lie in the outer sphere of time and reason. It lies within, the portal, of your soul. We need to fight for our God-given rights!
    I tell you, I would rather not be cared about, then be judged, hung, and tried, by anyone else, who points the judgment finger, because judgment, justification, has its reward in the end.

We are fighting the wiles of the degeneration of the family units.

    Which has been plaguing humankind since the lie in Eden, brought good and evil? This is a legacy, which has plagued, and it has to be eradicated. No matter what my outward appearance is, and what is coming out of my inside, I am still simple to me. Beauty is in the soul, therein lies our comfort.
    Which cannot be shown by the unaware? Lurking around to grab the decency and respect, which comes from a faith, which was acquired through tribulations. To put on an inward armor of faith, for life through Jesus Christ, and can wake the World up, before destruction. Should have, do not count in outer society. It did not matter what I did; I hit a brick wall. So I retreated after fourteen and a half years.

You keep the equivalent of someone else’s laundry, but what of your own?

    You repeat things; I left in the fire. You rehash our dirty laundry, yet you are knee-deep in your own. I say who are you to judge me? Who are you to put me down, poke at me, praise me, then slap me down like I am a rag mop? Gird your loins. No holds barred.
    You are not chained and bound. You are a free bird with broken wings. You can do nothing of yourself, but the Father He will work miracles through you. Take off your superficial chains. They are held there by misconception, and degeneration of our unity.  Which has conquered useless doormats on the I-10 expressway?
     I have been working through a lot of change, since my departure. It was the hardest thing to do, to leave that which I loved most. I did it with faith that I will be reunited with my children, in a productive environment. I made a stand, and I will not crumble until it is fulfilled.
I hold a precious keepsake, be that as it may if it is published or kept in my private experience.
    I lived it. It came from my total experience from hell unto His Ever Presence. A song, praise to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My love is poured out on Him. He is the only one, who can make this world a better place. Through Him is life. I cannot fight the wiles of the negative side in doom anymore. I again give my total burden up to Jesus Christ, and God hears my prayers.
For not just myself and my children and the man, I was bestowed to for fourteen and a half years.
    Never to realize the communion of our souls, in peace together. I had to give it ultimately, and entirely to Jesus. To ask if God, would accept me, a sinner in turmoil, in life’s collisions. From no words to someone, who writes, as if she has an education. As they say,  get past that, been there, done it, did not work, try again. Bull!

We have one shot, one glorious shot to the stars, and we can acquire, the peace, Christ is offering, through His magnificent gift.

    We want peace for the World, not just ourselves. Got it? First, seek the kingdom of God, then these gifts will be given. And gladly in mass, for the reconstruction, regeneration, restoration, can be established. A broader portal to the heavens in Christ’s hands we live from God.
    I needed to say my peace because I am not as confused as you say. Right now my children are safe and working together.

Many people, women, and children will be coming out of the last fight,

    So they can heal within, so the truth can set them free, through Jesus Christ Our Savior. There is one solution. Seventh takes the transition from the mind to the heart.  Acquire mustard seed ignition.
    In turn, separating your soul to truth, that will be given, after total immersion, baptism. Then resolve through the deliverance which is a cleansing process. It takes a while but with awesome growth, patience, understanding, courage, and faith. In total spiritual form.

A cleansing of the cobwebs. To the ultimate gate of care.

    In His Presence We Are. My blessing on you is understanding from the Highest because you are of Him. I gave my pain up to Jesus Christ, for they know not what they say, they have not lived it, or they have lived it, and do not understand it.              
    Understanding is given to those who do not understand. Knowledge is given from within. Courage supersedes, the misconceptions. Fortitude to climb over every obstacle, for the Glory of God, is the stepping stone to the heavens.

Clarity of The Presence of God through Jesus.

    God of our understanding, to a wider range of yours, mine, and ours, everyone’s consciousness. To the clearing of the misconception of existence. To narrow the gate, so the mass multitudes can come home to Father God, through Christ Jesus, we trust.
    It is everybody’s pain, not just my own. The veil of misconception needs to be taken off the Earth.  I believe God’s promises to our forefathers.
    Everyone on the planet has suffered, is suffering. Inside turmoil. There is no satisfaction in lacking the true self in the expression of life. Here and now. In faith of the promises for today, which was yesterday. When they were shown the ultimate choice, and they chose death. Death is so much easier.
Death in the flesh is hell on Earth. Confused through the clouded darkness. From hell into whose heaven? 
    To the clearing, so the light will be shown in the inward parts of everyone’s soul. To glean that which has been sown, for mass resolution from Christ Jesus, Through God, He gave the okay. 
I made the writing of heart, and soul and I projected, a faith unimaginable to the naked heart.
    And I am writing to your soul, where dwells the Spirit of Our Ever-Present Christ. In the strength of the laws, statutes, judgments, promises, and mysteries, passed down from days gone past. For the Glory of God, is among us and He is calling for mass immersion. To the understanding of the scriptures. And all the events stated past, present, future.

    So the clearing can activate mass cleansing of the deterioration of our unity. Broken from bondage, to claim the life, and regeneration to World Peace, In Him, through Him, roundabout Him, In Spirit. My trust is in Christ Jesus. September 29, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell  

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