I cannot remember, where it says in the Bible

To The Enlightened Eye of Jesus Christ, ignited to an understanding that cannot be combated

about your Parents, sisters, brothers, friends, will turn their back on you for my namesake.” Luke 21:16 just found it. It happened to me, and it is still happening. It is OK. My conversations with the Lord will be a great respite for many who will be enlightened by the writings, I have produced.

    Even though my family thinks, I do not have something to say. I know I did and, I do and, this is only up to the Lord and me, and it is done.

    I completed fixing 2000 writings — over 3000 words which are small compared to some of them. I feel all the years are significant, and they will all be in the whole book. I can not leave anything out.

This has been my safe haven, and I have nurtured it.

    Maybe this is not shown in my mortality, but it is my immortality that is in motion, now and forever.

This goes forward in faith to the truth of our existence.

    I believe. There is not one mortal, that can take away that unmistakable void in my, our, breastplate.

My experience states,

“It is done through the package deal Christ offers through His Magnificent Gift of Salvation.” It can take what seems like a lifetime, but when it comes when you are, “In Presence of Spirit.” All is shed, and you become internally purified.

It is the transition, the clearing of the cobwebs.

    The understanding of the Bible, the old misconceptions of life, are being illuminated, in the oneness of truth. To the enlightened Eye of Jesus Christ, ignited to an understanding, that cannot be combated.

What can you take away? Nothing!

If you are embarrassed by me or for me. No Thanks. Keep it or give it up. This is going to perpetuate the dynamics of the writings. All it needs is, to be shared and read. But first I need to close it, so I can have it read by my once Publishing Company. I do not have money to pay. I just need it to read.

    Completely. No thumbing through. It is done. January 4, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell “As Is” My Son took this picture. He has been all over the West Coast now, so I have no idea, where it is at.

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A Journey from darkness to the light.