“In Presence of Spirit,” 

One of my Moon's
To You Who Are Reading

“Show them the way,” original name “Stop legalized Abortion,” “Abortion,” and “Sweet Mercies.” 

To you, who are reading, my first internet transaction, of all of my writings, up front, and very personal.

I must do as much as I can, for this transaction. I have to complete my part, now because I have narrow-angle glaucoma, and I have scar tissue, from ninety-nine glaucoma attacks.

    So when you say, I have an eye migraine, pain in the whole socket, sharp pain, tunnel vision with fog, nausea, no relief. Let me put it this way, the first time you have debilitating eye pain. Go to the eye Doctor or emergency room, tell them to check your eye pressure.

    I suffered because emergency did not understand, “Eye Migraine,” that is glaucoma, and it took ninety-nine attacks, for these people to help me. no date Wendy Yvette Greenwell I am not crying, it is only by The Grace of God, that I can still see, besides it hurts me to cry, for days. My Optic Nerves in both eyes are holding there own. The holes are still opened from the laser, and the cataracts are not bad enough to take out. I am always signing and dating, when I have to do major changes. I have to attach every picture Wendy

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