There is you now, R.H. me, and Jesus Christ,

Caught some color fog
This was progress in purpose.

Who knows about my prayers to God? All these years later to find peace in my soul. No one fully understands like me.

I have verification of my experience, and after Copyright 2001-2002,

the book is fully published, but what? No one has bought it, it is overripe, and when it is read, you will fully understand that because, “Conversations with The Lord,” is being shared with you, and then everyone in the World.

The spark is ignited,

To the light that is shining through, “In Presence of Spirit,” my writings. I share with each one of you, all my heart, as I did in every writing, I have. Who knows? The Lord, He knows.

As I go through the next writings,

I am not going to put them in order. What? Do I have to fret about nothing which is nothing, compared to why, I have in the original, and it’s freely shared, the successor? Every writing is separated. That is one of the reasons; I can not read the book. This was progress in purpose. Christ stands.

The prayers in, “Conversations with The Lord,” are the same, they are an extension of the book.

    Everything pertains, but you know. I never read prayers like these. I am in awe of it. Every time I read another, “Conversations with the Lord,” is all the book, it is, prayers and reply. Maybe you do not see this vision? Now, you know what has happened.

You know,

We are entwined to complete in the fullness of, “In Presence of Spirit’s,” “Conversations with the Lord,” who is going to do that task. As far as I am going with this, “In Presence of Spirit,” will be found, and read, and it will relieve. I believe, so it is so. It is mine to share. It is mine to share with the husband of my youth. August 25, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2005 – 2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.