It is, “In The Presence of Spirit,” actual accounts of inside peace with Christ.

It is, “In The Presence of Spirit,” actual accounts of inside peace with Christ

You can hear it in the writings. At least I wrote while going through the transitions. I hope I can write again. I am kind of purging. Get a feel for this new life. I am under protection. Better safe than sorry.

    No one cares, my plight, my battle, well it is my job and I did it. The worst part is over. Do we have some kind of start? Inspirational or do I keep them between you God and I. Your the only one who knows, all this stuff. This incredible journey, I have been through.

    I have gotten the three-dimensional view, inside, outside, roundabout. I am so glad you want to read the writings. It means so much to God and I. Your eyes will be the first to read. If it is to be only You Me, and God. I am satisfied, but I feel God has something else, in the plan, will see.

    Oh, I pray that I may write like that again. At least, you know I am still writing, otherwise to me, “I feel the Spirit was guiding me, and I was inside.” It is like a death experience. “I wrote while I mediated with God or should I say, God, mediated with me.”

    Once again, I am honored that you want to read my writings through the Spirit, and the in-between. Scriptures I am sending, go with the absorption, of the oneness of Christ’s Ever Presence. Which do make these writings, sacred to God, Me, and You, and the World, that does not even know about it. Oh well, first things first. November 23, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.