I have written several hundred writings.

I Feel Every Writing Should Be In There Proper Place

All can be shared but, some are possible, just for my eyes only. I feel every writing, should be, in there, proper place.

    My sister says it is easier to read my writings on my blog. She has not read, very many. I have been online since, September 2011. I got off in January 2012, went back on August 31, 2012. When I went off, I had 19,008 views. As of yesterday 19,112. Right now, April 25, 2013, I do not know. 

    We Will Overcome, by The Blood of Christ Jesus, In Presence of Your Holy Spirit. My Lord, My God. I want to see Jeremy Camp. Acoustic Concert. I have to be careful with my eyes. Loud music affects the pressure in my eyes. Casting Crown’s, we’re here, April 5, 2013. Jeremy Camp was here, November 2011 can you believe it. I missed it, but I was sick anyway. See I am no artist, and for one year and a half, I have not written much. April 25, 2013

    March 24, 2014, Jeremy Camp is coming back on April 11, 2014. I have to go. I am going. I went to it; it was an incredible concert. Jeremy Camp sang his heart out. The light show was fascinating, and it did not hurt my eyes. He is the only one, I will see.

    We, my twin and I got there as they turned the lights off. I could not see, we were going, upstairs. I got a hold of my sister’s arm, and she took me to my seat. I can not see in the dark because I have Narrow-Angle Glaucoma and Cataracts.

    My right pupil is forever dilated.  My Optic Nerve in both eyes is holding there own.” The Doctor says.  I say it is by the grace of God; I can still see. So I am not going to any more Concerts. But if by chance, Jeremy Camp comes back down here, I will go. I am all concert out.

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