“In Presence of Spirit,”

My Son took this Photo no idea where it is
To seek and find the kingdom of heaven within

One in Spirit, One in The Lord. Only The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, through Jesus Christ, from God the Father. To the Unveiling of Christ Jesus Holy Spirit, to me, through me, from me, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Entwined within the internal chamber of my soul. To implore you to seek, and find the kingdom of heaven within your eternal self.

    I bought my book on June 3, 2011. It is coming to my address. Fourteen dollar’s in my name, ha. To funny. “Any day now it is just a breath away.?” And then, I was at my Dad’s, and he saw it in my car and kept it. I told him it is the first book; I bought myself.

    The book will be read, aside from me, personally human, because it is, “In Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit,” He left me to find, through the fire of my soul. To the light so shining through these passages of time, writing my very own, “In Presence of,” from Spirit, who heard me, crying in the wilderness.

    In the darkness of my soul, that had, no light outlet, until You sparked the light of my heart, “In Presence of Spirit,” and beyond to, “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with The Lord.” It really is an awesome book. Not boring reading, at all, to me. June 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Oh, Jesus Christ, help from hence forward.

Love dark rain clouds with the Sun
Oh, Jesus Christ, help from hence forward.

Oh Lord Your Presence is felt on each page of the conversations I was having with You, and I still have conversations with You. We are completing the awesome, incredible, irresistible, intriguing, genuine love, I have for You, and the Presence that the Spirit of Our Most Holy, The Holy Spirit who is, and ever will be Our Redeemer Christ Jesus in the Unveiling of Our Conversation in Spirit of the ever presence. Sown in me a sinner from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ World Awakening.

Alone I can do nothing.

    With You I have completed a world of works from, and through You to me, the I Am of “In Presence of Spirit,” is me mortally, and spiritually, and I am the same. I am completing that which was so graciously given to me for everyone, not just myself.

 I have a question?

    Do you still think, I am crazy? Or have I made this manuscript of only my understanding? I believe in the Presence of Spirit. Your Presence guided me through to completion — just You and me, In Spirit. It was my solo journey for everyone, not just myself.

    You and I were’ enough there was no room for outsiders because the obstacles were’ fierce throughout my plight to the light that enveloped me, In Pure Faith of Your Eternal Presence.


    With You, I want no separation. But it happens, and You never leave, we do. You can tell if you have read thus far. How many times I felt I was without but all the while You are still in the midst of me weathering me through every storm of my children’s adults’, choices. Ten years, I would not have made it through if I had not had those first two years off. My sanity was all the pages of my book, the credentials.

“In Presence of Spirit,” was never lost it has always been with me.

    It may not have been read accept some of the books I gave away 49 hello, and 180 that were sent to Company’s, and probably never read. It was not the time now is the time. Seven years after Publication.

Twelve Years of Beautiful Prayers and Thanksgiving, To Our Dear Heavenly Father,

who is within ourselves, ready to be released in Peace and In The Presence of the Holy Spirit. I have one obstacle. Who am I sending it to? Lord hear my prayer. I am happy to share with you, that is all I ever wanted to do, from the beginning. It just never was the time then, but now is a different story, because of right this minute, Twilight?

    I do have a witness of what I have written, Richard, 65 now, he has believed since I printed it back in 2000. I can see now, “In Presence of Spirit,” was a rush for someone to read, I knew it was partial. Actually, now it is hard to fathom because there are one hundred sixty-two thousand words of precious moments, “In Presence of Spirit,” communication in heart, and soul revelation, to the realization of what God was giving me, round about.

    I call for The Holy Congregation of Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ, the Only Ruler of Our Ever Loving Souls, To The Glory of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, In The Presence of The Holy Spirit, To Bring A Gift of Love, and Blessings To Every One of You in The World. June 7, 2008, Amen Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Oh Lord Help!

Gorgeous My Son sent it to me
Will it be? Could it be? Yes, it can be Published.

Will it be? Could it be? Yes, it can be Published. In Jesus I trust. Love in Spirit for Mankind to heal itself from without to within, in His Precise Precision. Entwined in The Spirit, of the regeneration of our hearts; In One With Our Lord Christ Jesus. In God We Trust.

     To Whom The Promises Were’ Made. To The World through Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior. To the fourth heaven, the heavenly dimension. Where lies the truth of all our existence.

Entwined in The Presence of Our Dear Heavenly Lord of Lord.

    In Him, we are in Him. We are, Guided by Him. We are Protected. In Him, is Strength. In Him, is Understanding. In Him, is The Knowledge. In Him, is Fortitude. In Him, is Love. In Him, the sufferings of The World can cease.

    In Him, we can be alive. In Him, We are of Him, In One Heart, One Mind, One Soul, To The Promises from an age gone past. In Him, We Stand. In Him is the Faith, To Be Released; the ignition of the mustard seed opening, heartfelt, giving up self, to the Unveiling of The Christ that lies within. To help through the negative cycle of the abominations that have conquered all in unawares.

The multitudes will be relieved.

    In mass regeneration to the Future of God’s Kingdom, not men. In Him, through Him the fog is lifted, round about Him, all the cobwebs of heart and soul, in conscience in the subconscious. Your heart is relieved of pain, all the pain. All the pain that keeps us closed from His Heavenly Presence.

To reach and go beyond to the clearing of Life’s negative battle,

same ole, destructive human-made abominations. Throwing wife away for a new one, why? He cannot stand up for his mistakes, with the wife of youth. The putting up with affliction. Whose affliction is it anyway?

Lord Thank You for the times and a half.

    We are the generation to bring you back. All Multitudes for The Glory of God is upon us. Lord Grant Everyone’s Soul, The Presence of Your Spirit, In Mass Regeneration to The Truth of Your Existence, in each and everyone’s Soul. From the least to the greatest. To whom can understand, the reading on the core of yours, ours, everyone’s soul. Every person is a soul waiting to be let free, from the lack of the truth.

Abominations continue until the seed falls

    To the one, it was destined for. One Heart, One Mind, Through Christ In Christ, With Christ, Christ Round About Me and You, You and I Round About Christ, to the clearing of the misfortune, misconceptions of the negative side in doom. To The Promises That Are Given To All In Christ Jesus.

    Time is nigh. The progressions have been progressing. God takes His Stand Now! For all to achieve the oneness In Him To You With Love, Compassion, Fortitude, Understanding, Guidance. Through to the Christ in Our Soul, Now and Forever. Amen and Amen December 1997 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1997-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


So, since, January of 1996,

My brother's travel somewhere on a ocean on a Ship
He shared with me in all these thousand writings

I have been writing the seventeen parts of the whole of my precious moments, “In Presence of Spirit.” Fifteen years of writings 2003 does not count as one part of the whole. Because it was only a few pages, no writings, I put them at the end of 2002.

I think it is a treasure of spirit, in spirit,

communication in one with the Father, One with The Son, and One with The Holy Spirit.

All parts of the whole,

entwined in the oneness of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit’s Ever Presence, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omnipresence, up front and personal in the oneness of truth, that is fulfilling its duty through me.

My writings are within me,

They came out from my innermost being, Touched by The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Presence in Spirit, He shared with me. In all these thousand writings and thousands of quotes each paragraph, each statement of truth, not my truths. God’s truth’s coming out in such explicit detail that you know, you are, “In Presence of Spirit.”

I have some ideas,

Several times over the years. I have written, “from beginning to end and end to beginning.” What that means? “if the end is received first and the first received second?”

Actually, it can be split up into sections.

Sent out on the internet. I need to incorporate all my writings. “Lord in Your name I pray for the fulfillment of my heart’s desire even though I am me, my reward is with You.”

    Lord I give You this manuscript, You gave me to write, with You. Always with You Jesus Christ, I Love You. I believe You are with me in my whole book of words, “In Presence of Spirit.” Even though I have one mortal witness of my massive collection of writings.

    I am witness to, “In Presence of Spirit,” and all its extensions. July 19, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I did not have it attached. December 30, 2018, Seven years later, 1,504,297 views on this site, with no subscribers, no messages, no communication with the outside world, no donate button, no sponsors, no help in the physical form. Wendy

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It is June 11, 2000:

My Personal Clouds
I must end for now because time has passed away.

To anyone that cares, I have continued work on these words that came out of me, and I must end for now because time has gotten away. We, My Children and I, need the closure of the negative. It is not just my family that is suffering. Every Divorced Family. Broken down families, for what? For nothing! We are in the midst of destruction. I speak for myself, and I speak for, The World.

No one has read these pages.

     The Spirit and I, are the only ones, it is funny, I wish I could see your reaction, is it not, or is it inspired. Do you understand? Is it a Masterpiece?  That is what I feel about it. But who am I a sinner that was blessed to, “In Presence of Spirit.”

     I Must complete my manuscript and send it to? My ex-husband is behind on child support. I have been working part-time, working on these pages, full time. I can not put this away.

I have more,

what I like, it is not in he said, she said, they said, it is in the I of Me, You, Everyone that finds the Christ Spirit within.

I have all Originals; I wanted to focus on Spirit.

    If one thought I copied, then you can see the sequence of thought. I did not make any changes in words, and I did not make mistakes, no big scratch outs, like if I had to think before I wrote another word, no it flowed out of my inner being.

Enough I have to get this show on the road.

    I need someone else to read, tell me what you think if it is not publishable it is my keepsake, but I do not believe that is God’s Plan. I might be wrong, there are critical observations, but everyone is suffering. The only relief is Jesus Christ in heart soul revelation. To lessen the pain so Peace can come, To The Multitudes.

I would prefer to be Wendy

With no last name unless I have to. As stated I can not write anymore and or speak I have not. So the only thing I have to give is a piece of an excellent experience that I have to complete to have done my part for Everyone to come home To Father God, Father Son, Father of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus.

    It was my destiny to write, “In Presence of Spirit,” into its entirety. Will release, how can you not believe. So with all this, I Love My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and “In Presence of Spirit,” is dedicated completely To God, Through Jesus Christ, To The Christ Spirit, Within Us All. Look and you will find. June 11, 2000, Wendy Greenwell

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