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To Capture The Essence of The Spirit

To capture, the essence, of the Spirit, that is in each one of our souls, to have. I feel distant, I want instant gratification, but I am not working on it, 24/7. That is why, I am going to write, every day, to the Lord. 365-day letter, to The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Lord, This Is, My Gift, to You. The Angels, the loved ones that have past on. To the demonic plague of the Universe. I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus Christ. Bring Your Guiding Force, to the multitudes. For cleansing, for clearing, for restoration. They can only do it, through Your Living Waters.

    Oh Lord, I need to come out of my isolation. Help me, Jesus, In Your Blood of Blessings. Lord Jesus, “In Presence of Spirit?” Sorry Lord, where is my faith? Is it understandable? Did the right person, read it yet?

    Lord forgive me, for having little faith, it has just been so long. Two years and four months. That is how long Dorrance has had the book.  I wish I could write it, in order, and publish it. Oh Jesus, Clear Us Up. Bring Us, Into The Inner Chamber. Show Us, The Way Back, To You. I Love You, Jesus. In Your Ever Presence, guide and direct, my being. Wendy December 29, 2004

©2004-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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