I wish I could put the massive writings together

Morning Photo, out of the blue
It is that unknown you can not face

And see if someone will Publish, “The Writings,” not in any vain way. Kind of strange to read writings so powerful. I was deep in scripture, and I pained for every woman in my position, for the sufferings of all the World, and a clearing made me a productive witness in testimony in Jesus Christ, and the entire writings give an understanding to the ancient literature.

The passion of Christ entreats your soul to the peace that only comes through Jesus Christ from God.

    It is that unknown you can not face. Oh to be freed from the daily degradation, humiliation, constant ridicule, day after day, week after week, year after year. How can any constructive well being have access into our lives, when it is muddled in all the generational abominations.

My outer world is faceless,

But my inner has an understanding even though I am weak right now. I feel I captured the presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit in my prayers and my research in God’s precious words.

I gave nine people the first twenty-four pages of writings.

    I felt the I have to of it all despite my boldface expressions of capabilities only done from the inner chamber. I am not ashamed of what I wrote in any realm. My faith is in Christ Jesus and God’s promises, laws, statutes, commandments, judgment, all stated past, present future. To whom understanding is granted, let him understand.

I have seen the vision on the rooftop, and the seeds have been sown on the solid foundation.

    We have to save our children, our families from any more loss of soul, bring them in the presence of God so that the cleansing can begin its development, from the core to realization, of the answers of the whole. So the peace can come, and the regeneration can take its place in the mass healing and awareness that all Society can obtain.

Wake the walking dead out of the sleep

That death and destruction have taken over, and bring them into the peace that is given through the promises of God to Our Fore Fathers and then delivered in the redemption of our sins through Christ Jesus to us. I believe with all my heart and soul. My state of being was total burn out of a losing battle. 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell March 21, 2018, Well, I did follow through with Publishing Myself. To funny. As the saying goes, “If You Feel The I Have To of It All,” DO IT! February 17, 2019, Wendy

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