Lord thou art, My Lord, Jesus Christ.

You are, the bright, morning star. You are, the light of, The Universe.

Thank You Jesus for The Presence of Your Holy Spirit

Only in You, is life eternal. Only in You, is the Salvation, of the World.  In You, Through You, Round About: The Glory of You. In Your Excellence. In Your, Omniscience. In Your, Omnipresence. In Your Holiness, throughout the ages.

Thank You Jesus, for Your Love,

Your Understanding, Knowledge, Courage,  Patience, Wisdom, Guidance, Passion, The Presence, In Spirit.

    Thank You, for leaving the Holy Spirit, to minister, to the darkened corners of, every one’s soul. In their time, they will come home, to the Christ Spirit, Within Us All.

“Christ in you the hope of Glory.”

 Our time, has come Jesus, my Jesus. I must share, what you have shared with me. In Our Spirit To Spirit, Communications.

    The Conversations, I have with You, Jesus are Omnipresent, and they are passionate. Even, in my seeming, unworthiness. I am worthy, to complete and submit for, Publication.

Open the door to sharing, the writings.

So we can make way, for the ultimate publication, of the Twenty First Century.  Yes, I am allowed, to be positive, about my role, in this quest, I have been on.

    Thank You, Jesus for, The Presence of the Holy Spirit, throughout my writing, “In Presence of Spirit.” There were’ no words, until You sparked the light of, Salvation, in my heart.

    You walked me, out of the midst of the fire. You guided me, out of darkness, into the light, so shining through, “In Presence of Spirit.” You ignited the light, in my heart, and soul.

    You took the pain away. The fear, the impatience, the no understanding, no knowledge, no courage, no wisdom, no meaning, no words, and put beautiful words of encouragement. To light the way, for others, to find, that You are, Our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

You are, The Presence of Spirit.

You are, Our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. You are, The Light of the World. You are, my love, and my life, You are, my only reason for living still. Jesus Christ, I Love You.

    Bless You, Jesus Christ, for Your, giving Yourself, for all Mankind. To find You, in their internal, eternal house.

  Open up my mind, heart and soul again.

    Lord Jesus, guide and direct me, out of darkness into the light of, Your Ever Presence. Give me, the courage, to follow through, with all that you, have given me, to share.

    Lord Jesus Christ. I need You. I want You, I need to feel, Your Presence. I give you me, and then I take me back, forgive me Lord, forgive me my trespasses and iniquities, and give me the strength, I need to complete Our, Yours and Mine, “In Presence of Spirit.” August 3, 2009 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2016-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.