I was reading over the letters,

She is in her 90’s now she was in her early 70’s when I wrote to her

I wrote to my friend; I call her my Guardian Angel. “You are part of me, and God gave us time together, and I know this in my heart. I told you what I needed to which turned into the understanding of prophecy.

Prophecy: the inspired utterance of divine will and purpose; a prediction of something to come.

Prophesy: to utter prophecies, to predict with assurance or on the basis of mystic knowledge, to foretell.

The writings are powerful,

They are the opening of the gate of care, through Jesus Christ. I was guided to do the wrong thing, for the right reason,” for all concerned. I have sent over ten letters out, and no one cares, but it is OK, positive flowed, through my writings, even though, none of them, can understand yet, anyway. I am doing the best I can.

    I have continued in progress in my work with the elderly. I took last weekend off, and spent a wonderful time, the first retreat, at Mount Wesley Texas. God is steering me, centering me, where He wants me to be. It produces positive outer responses.

All the massive amounts of studying

Writing, vocabulary, favorable positions are established. You are part of me in spirit, always. You were there when I was lost in my sins. I still held you dear to me, my shame poked through, for my love, laid in the depths of my soul. To fulfill the purpose of fulfillment.

    I had to pay a big price because of my following the rougher road. To find peace at the end of a lengthy bout’ with the degeneration of misconceptions, and put Jesus Christ first and foremost, upfront.

    The regeneration can regenerate, The Love of Our Lord and Savior in the true promises, that are waiting, for the pure faith and, consciousness. The unveiling, all the pains of the mortal, and putting on the immortal Spirit of enlightenment, To God’s, Promises, Statutes, Mysteries, Parables, Judgments, Commandments.

To touch the ancient meanings

That God through Jesus Christ Ever Loving Blood is giving us, roundabout. I believe, an opening of the real sense, of the past, present, future states, are being revealed in simplicity.  So innocent but waiting to be let loose, in total abandonment.

    So the regeneration (massive,) can come to being. Time is short, a few years for regenerating forces, to overpower, the filth of the negative. That keeps destroying our babies, our families, our elderly, our lives. Few have space enough, to be kind.

    They are not free or being freed. Once the spark of Jesus is acquired The Spirit radiates faith and forgiveness, with the answers of the whole, and then as we have discussed, the shedding continues, until all is shed (sheathed) off.

You are being freed of “The Lie,”

And “The Truth,” is replacing the darkness with light. And so the regeneration is progressing at the level, that is needed, for Total Salvation, Baptism, Full Immersion, Deliverance, Redemption. The healing is continually happening. Even though I still have a couple of habits, I do not want to brake.

    Time is short; I got to get the writings in order and stop wasting time. I hope you can make heads or tails out of this letter. I hope you are well and you still believe in me. You are the only one that does. 1 Corin. 10:13, One of my all-time big questions were answered in this verse.

    Everywhere they send me, is a new adventure. And I have started venturing out on my own. I enjoy my solo drives to the Valley, to Kerrville, to all my driving to and from my clients/patients, on the North side of San Antonio. And my two hill country drives.

My writings will be Published

without my family’s help. I believe in my heart. Thank you for reading them, and sending them back to me.

    Evasive, not straightforward based on the misconception of life the repetitious cycle of decay, to destruction, is the result of a negative period, which has to be broken, to fulfill God’s plan. Total abandonment for the regeneration, to be established in the here and now, for all concerned.

    Everyone wants peace inside, and they are searching for the answers. The same ones, and to be released to purification, they need to understand, they are not alone, none of them, anywhere.

It can be attained, it can be achieved, to inner purification through the gift of Jesus Christ. I write in the flesh. I also write in Spirit, and I know, the mind may not perceive, but the heart knows. And there is where the answers lie. The sprouting mustard seed will unfold to now in consciousness, tomorrow’s reality, for all concerned. I believe, do you believe? I know you do. Thank you so much for letting me be me. May 3, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1997-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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