I had a short conversations with my twin

I need to make a video of all of them

about my Publications. She said, “I once said, that it will help the Universe.” I would say, if you wrote a book I would read it.  Yeah, right me, yes, no one of them want to write.

    I had to keep to myself, because mortally I am withdrawn, isolated myself, all the responsibilities, for the friendship of it all.  My 40, and 37, year old daughters, all eighteen grand children, one in heaven, one great grandson. The ex-wife, and two other significant others of my Son, baby mommas.

    So, back to my twin. I told her if the site were’ to go Social complete I would have to do it in the next few days.  She says, “but people would be able to read it. Yeah, and what about the comments. Yeah, well. I can not combat anything I have written or take it out.

    I told her I love all my writings, and I am not embarrassed. But still who am I. A friend to the World, to the Universe, Multi-Universe, every dimension,  The Cosmos, the multitudes of Galaxies. The everything that is, is God’s, with all of us.

    Twenty seven years, since my departure, my abandonment. On the twentieth of January 1996, I started writing. I do not know how to end it. So I keep it open, it is in heaven, and on earth.

    It is love united, as one in spirit, one in the Lord, for eternity. The words of this website, will never die. It is my personal conversations with the Lord. It is a treasure house of spirit communication. I do reflect on the times I spent, in presence of spirit.

    This must go out to the World. I am weary. I have the Lord to back me up, but no human person has touched my writings. Yes, all done by me. Massive amounts of data, I have Published, without  no contact.

    My conversations are from the past. We are all, one in presence of spirit. I shared 610, personal conversations I had, in presence of spirit, with anyone who stops, and reads it.

    Now, is the time I must force myself to get all the accounts. I have to look past myself again, and send it out to the World. I delete, not on my website.  I freak that is why this website has been silent, so to speak. Few have found it. 10,555 views since I wanted to hit 400,000 page views. Bringing the total to 2,599,450 since December 13, 2013. That is not a drop in the bucket.

    It is significant to me. Sharing is caring. Always, and forever meant to be shared. I believe this in Eternity. What do I do? Waller or get this show on the road.

    Maybe some, will understand. The heart know what is written is, in presence of spirit. It is a gift of thanksgiving of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In faith of the Unities of our eternal existence. December 29, 2022

December 30, 2022, I was full of Publications at the first of the year. Publishing for the first time with no actual dates, 2022, it was out of the ordinary, for me in every since of the word.

     Then the responsibility, as family, and friend, I worked on it, and I had fun. That was then, now is now. The site had not made 400,000, in several years. This year was the biggest, anyway round about. The writings of 2022 are from 1996 to 2022.

    Pieces put together to become the whole of 2022 writing, Publications. From the past, future, and now. No matter when I wrote them. They mean the same thing, which means they were written in the present. Which is now, at all time.

    The precious  times I have “In Presence of Spirit,” was for all of us. No one left out. No how, no way, could I have come up with this website without the Presence of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Communion of Souls in eternity.

    It all fell into place, each piece on its own. It stopped being a book a long time ago. I shared around twenty five writings on Facebook, freaked out, and deleted all of it.

    Then In October of 2011, Sarah set me up with blogger.  I felt the need for protection so I enrolled my site into hosting, among other things.

The whole, “In Presence of,” is my gift to anyone who will ever read my conversations with the Lord.

December 31, 2022, 12:03 am,  Twenty four hours, and 2022 is gone forever. The site will be starting at 0. I can not change the past, the least, I worked it, and hit over 410,000 page views in 2022.

    What can I say, 2023, should hit the bull’s eye. Even though some might think it is gibberish .  I love it all. I have some changing to do. It is weird. I have to be the one to put it out there, everywhere. One of My last will, and testament.

    It has surpassed the tests of time. It is still here, and it is thirty four years old, “In Presence of Spirit,” It is the most precious gift I was given from above, that grew so big. I could not keep silent anymore. Accept or deny, it does not change the authenticity of being in spirit, communication. Wendy

2023 01-05. Love you, God bless you to, in presence of spirit, at the same time, every where in the Cosmos.  It is in the air. I know, I am blessed to have a beautiful, website, that has nothing to sale but, some time to be, in presence of spirit. Wendy Yvette Greenwell 2023

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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