You are doing the Universal Thing.

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You are doing the Universal Thing. We Are All Here To Fulfill God’s Purpose

We need massive awareness, on account of, our brothers, and sisters, who are struggling, for understanding. “The wheel within the wheel.” You are, The Truth, You are, The Knowledge. You are, Salvation, To The Degree, Your Power, is All-Mighty, All Perfect.

    For if all were figured, given in vision from, The Holy Ghost, then man would consume that also, for his abominations, rightfully so. Greed, adultery, abuse-spiritual, physical, mental, materialism, utilizing plows, against the abused. The abuser goes free, and the abused struck with fire.

    Rightfully so. The sheathing is the purification, of one’s heart and soul. Outside obstruction, needs to be stamped out for one cannot focus, when the mind is scattered and has known hurt, by circumstances, of all life’s experiences.

We are all here To Fulfill God’s Purpose.

    Each one of us, women and men, can know the whys, and reasons for each of their thoughts. It is all in the package, which started, at time’s beginning.

    God is here. God is now. God surrounds us with The Glory. If we but blot out mind corruption, and meditate on God’s perfection. “God,” is there waiting. “God is understanding.” “God” is ready to sheath the spots, which have grown in the darkness, of a pit, with no light outlet, once the light starts peeking through, Whoa! Look!

     No one could help the trauma, substantially. The lack of trust was never elevated, it came, to no amends, made for transgressions.  I have an understanding of why I stayed for years.

    What is Your plan for me, Lord? Help me see Your Light, with Knowledge, Understanding, Fortitude, Compassion. Passion for, Your Universal Love, and courage to follow your voice, in all that is discoursing.

A Course for The Light of Jesus Christ My Savior,

    The only course that means everything to me, You are my Light. You are my Refuge. You are The Truth. You are my Guide. You are the mountains, the waters, the trees, the flowers, the plants.

    You are the air and the wind. You are the breath, that has inspired me. You are my world. You are my heart, my soul. You are my beloved Jesus Christ, and I bow down at Your feet, with a holy kiss of love for You, Jesus Christ. For without You, all would be no more. There is One Ruler, Lord and it is You. In Jesus’ Christ Loving Living Blood.

    I ask for your speedy return, with the passion, of your life, and parable mysteries. That is right past, present, and future. I know, I walked through faith, Lord Jesus. I have tasted your strength, your courage, and your guidance. I have and can read the writing on the wall.

All the Prophets wrote, Your True Essence.

    You are, You have always been, You will still be. Our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior from Our Beloved, God Almighty. God the Maker of Heaven and Earth. To show the way, through the generational deterioration of unions of people, who have accomplished little, in two thousand years.

    Man’s Stride has been in vain, for himself, to possess, and control the Peoples of the Congregations, of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many, to write, “It is not too late.”

All has been accomplished.

    We know all have come short of, The Glory of God. We identify seven times, must pass over. Then the realization becomes, inward understanding. All of the answers are in God’s words.

    The man is cocky. He has put God’s words aside, while he is lusting in his riches, in his adulteries, in his thoughtless, thoughts of being more than dust in the wind, that has regenerated, his own, selfless self, generation by generation.

    For it is in the seed of generations, that subsides, our morbid realizations, of all the evil abominations, which have conquered men’s souls, since time began. We are the generation, to end the atrocities, the decay of lies, materialism, the greed of all kinds, control, and power, with no truth, in existence.

    For if done with a dead heart, which is soul, and then truth prevails, who is the loser? Not I. For with all the sheathing of my life’s knowledge, circumstances, traumas, etc., I have walked without, and now my heart is open, honest, willing.

The understanding of God’s words has opened the ultimate gate of care.

    Knowledge is seen, through Christ and only through Christ, Is Salvation, Understanding, The Baptism, Brings Wisdom, all of which belong to, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Angels are spokespersons on one’s journey, through the wilderness, help from henceforth, and forever. Amen

    The wheel within the wheel is the cycle of life. The circles become cycles, days become weeks, the weeks become months, the months become years, and you are in worse dung than you were before. If the problem is taken away for a while, the self is aware of relief, but substantially, has the effect, of the cycle of abuse, for many years. February 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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