Wow, Jesus, the last day of the year.

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Wow, Jesus, the last day of the year.

    I missed my tenth anniversary, December 29, 1995, my departure. All our writings since January 1996, to all the next 365 days, is The Writings, Decade Anniversaries.

Thank You, Jesus, for: “In Presence of Spirit,”

I have opted, to put all that is edited, so it is longer, and it states in some cases, what I was going through, not much of that Jesus because I wrote to You for the answers.

I wrote You The Praises, The Feelings, I never had in the flesh of my existence.

    The words I never used, the vocabulary, I never had, the passion that was hiding, until You Sparked The Light, of my eye. Jesus Christ, I Need You, desperately to show me, what You want me to do. My Family, actually think, I am crazy. They do not understand anything, that, You have given me.

    Nine envelops with twenty-eight letters, and twenty-eight writings, I sent to him. Where are they? With him, or on there way back to me? One year he has been in jail. Oh Lord, help him in his ever presence. Teach him every second.

Clean the cobwebs of misconception.

     I have no energy after they fight, and put me in the middle of it, then take anyway. I do not want fifteen minutes of fame. This is for Your Glory. Your Love Throughout All Generations. Your Passion For Cause, Salvation Through You, Is The Solution. We can, and will overcome. I need to complete my book for you, through you. December 31, 2005, Happy New Year ‎input 6/‎22/‎2013 11:16:45 PM

I have no words weird.

    Well, 2005, was an experience. To this second, he has not read any of it. He knows about it. He needed prayer. I am not going to put his letters in here, because they are personally to our children, who are now 31, 29, 27. And as for the letters he wrote to me, they were useful for the time. This weblog is not about him. They are to him, because still after eighteen years now, he is the only one who asked me to pray with him.

    I am not writing; it has been some time, I miss writing. I have a few that will probably find there way on my other weblog, since 2011, when I started, sharing my writings.

    On the other hand, I still have quite a few to share. I will not run out anytime soon, just with this one. I am going to go through my papers and see if I left anything out of 2005 writings because sixty-four writings do not sound right. So when I find them, I will put them in. Thank you for reading my writings that are intended to share. God Bless the World, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 10/4/2013

March 2, 2016:

    It has been a voyage going down memory lane with me, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” I always knew, I would share them, even though or “if” he has not read them. It does not matter to me because I know someone read them, and maybe they are finding forgiveness in their hearts, and that is, all that matters.

     When it was online without protection: HTTPS: The writings had 45,848 starting January 18, 2016. Last night the had 17,888 views, since the transfer, bringing the total to 63,736 views, since I started.

    I am counting all views for myself. Sharing it, for those who might want to know. Thank You for viewing my, Thank you for viewing, The writings, of “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit” 2005, on They are home now. January 30, 2019, Wendy

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