Oh Lord, help me put, “In Presence of Spirit,” in order.

Eradicate the evil enemy in our children Lord and ourselves

Help me with the teenager’s issues. Lord direct the teenagers and me, help me do Your will.

I am lost without You. Cleanse me from all my iniquities so that I can help my children and myself. “Join The Unions of The Spirit,” which sparks, “Your Majesty.”

    Please put a guardian angel or angels beside our children, every minute of every day. Help them come to You, for their energy, for the regenerating forces, which brought us, to this point.

Lord help, for all in this, “The Unveiling of Your Power Calling,”

from me, a dreadful sinner, cleansed through the blood of Jesus Christ, even though it does not look like it.

First of all things:

    God, Jesus Christ, first in all things. If you can not take care of it yourself, the only one that will do anything about it; is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    You can take it back as many times, as you want. As soon as you put your entire burden in Christ’s hands, and accept the testimonies, the purification begins.

    Salvation, Baptism, Total Immersion, Deliverance, The Regeneration of Our Soul. To whoever can understand, complete grant understanding, through the blood of Christ Jesus.

Children need You, Lord:

    Oh Lord, the children need You, desperately. Lord Bless Our Home with love, compassion, friendliness, guidance, understanding, strength, courage, wisdom, joy, knowledge, peace.

Help us take the sting, and negative out of the teenager’s life.

    Help me find the right words to speak. Through Your hands, are we blessed?

Lord help!

    Bless My Children and all Children, teenagers of the World. Thank You, Father God. Lord guide our teenagers fast out of the winding road. Grant the immunity for their sins, and let them be free from their sins, and let them be free from their Parents, bondage.

Eradicate the evil enemy, in our children, Lord and ourselves. In Christ Jesus' blood, eradicate the evil enemy. Bring joy to our hearts. The simple way of life, through Christ Jesus Mercy, on our children's, children's, children, In the love of Christ Wend February 8, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2021 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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