In Jesus’ name, Lord I come to You, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Mountains behind the clouds
To Activate Your Great Power Calling

To ask, In Your Holy Name: Jesus Christ To Activate, The Total Rights of Your Great Power Calling through Me, from You.

To Touch The Multitudes with Your Presence, in the words, You bestowed on Me. Give Me the strength, to go forward with the work of words, You have given me, and safely, getting the book accomplished, so the Multitudes can be healed, in your precious blood.

    Lord Grant The Unions of Souls, from beginning to end and end to beginning. Accomplish the facts at hand. Even in my unworthiness, Make Me whole, so I may never again say I am not worthy.

    I am worthy to share my experience with You, With The World. You gave it to me, for them and I, whoever needs, The Only True Friend, that cleanses the pain, of the all-around, negative. To the roundabout, positive, that all can attain,  through the revelations of You, Jesus Christ, My Lord.  

     I Love You, Jesus Christ. Guide and direct Me to the ultimate publication of the Twenty-first Century. I believe in You Jesus, I love You. You have guided me through all these years of,  “In Presence of Spirit.” I got it all down on paper. Handwritten.

    Thank You, for touching my heart with your presence of spirit. Thank You, for seeing me through every storm. Thank You, for letting me look past my present circumstances, into the light so shining through, “In Presence of Spirit,” To You With Love, With One Heart To Heal. June 21, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

 ©2009-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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A Journey from darkness to the light.