November 25, 2017

DNA Awakening Archangel Michael: Directing The Light Within You For Your Joy “YouTube”

Maybe I have done this wrong the whole time whatever

Just so you know I have worked to share, like I did, not wanting to ask for donation, any money for many years. Actually, to this day. I denied myself money for one I am disabled two I have taken care of my friend with Cerebral Palsy for 16 years, as a friend, companion. With no outside help. I wrote a book, did not sell, have a couple hundred copies. I kept on going for 21 years of writing. The first writing grew into the extensions of my first published book plus the rest of the writings. I am a Published Author.

    The extensions I have shared since 2011. Seriously seven years and I can not ask for money. I have a mental issue with this. I have 17 grandchildren one in heaven, and the taxes are due, etc. I will test your theory on coming out of the world of lack and into prosperity.

    It is okay I shared, and did not even receive any communication from the readers of my writings. I know my writings are in the Heavens.

    Richard needs a lift chair, desperately my hands, years helping him with everything. But the main thing he can still do, so I have a break there. To top it off his wheelchair is broken so I only take him out when I take him to the Dr. and to pay a bill. I decided to Publish this on my site. Need to Publish.

    I am listening to “Broken Wings” Mr. Mister from December 14, 1985. My daughter was born at 11:55 p.m. January 1, 1986. I am hooked on this song right now.

    The pictures I have taken since I got my phone with a flash, are well over 6000. I have watched many YouTube Videos on Orbs, Rods, etc. I have not found one like my pictures. Yes, it was drizzling, I had to change four times and hope that my new phone did not break. It was only a steady drizzle.

    That yellow light came back to visit. 60 times just the corner on the left side. I said,  what is going on. I kept taking pictures, then it showed itself right in front of the camera yellow long bright with circles and dimensions, a picture in itself, 68 times, Wow! As long as it was there I was going to take the picture. I even took a picture of my feet on my oily yuk driveway and it was still there. I will put The first picture of it right here. Although I have not uploaded them to my computer.

No one has given me a definitive answer on what it really is. It does not have to be raining for them to appear. I still do not think it is a bug. I cannot put them on my website because it takes to much GB’s. I have a YouTube station that I have not done anything with accept listen to music, and listening to all the incredible writers of positive reinforcements, and verification’s of exactly what I have been through, with all my years of writing and Publishing for free, nonetheless.

    I need answers to what I am supposed to do to! Complete this my writings of “In Presence of Spirit.” All the extensions of the one writing. So I am asking, Jesus Christ, I am ready to accept for me, myself, my big family, and all the ones it will help, as I set forth to proclaim prosperity and abundance through Jesus Christ hands this matter lies.

    It is okay for me to make room for a source of income and get off of disability. My passion and desire are in the writings you blessed me with.

    My eyes are not hurting. I still protect them especially on any day two pair of sunglasses, my eyes have 100% UV Protection Blue Lenses. Does that mean they are fake blue eyes now? At night I do not have to wear glasses that is insane, but I do wear night yellow glasses from Flying J’s Truck Stop, anyone having night vision problems with the lights would benefit from night glasses.

    I can not read without readers. I have my appointment for reading glasses next Tuesday. The Dr. said they are going to be strong. The 2.0 reading glasses are pretty good, Thank you, Lord. I tend to leave them on quite often, by habit. My brother told me not to wear them when I am not reading, or on my phone or computer.

    I have to wear sunglasses in the stores at night because my eyes hate fluorescent lights. My eyes twitch, the Dr. said that is usually after Cataract Surgery. Well, I do not like it so I have to change glasses all the time. I should not complain.

    The main thing is I do not have pain. I still have glaucoma but there is room for the flow of liquid to do what it does, without the cataract obstruction. I am grateful for having relief from years of suffering eye pain. I still use my eye drops twice a day, every 12 hours.

    I still believe in this gift that I received through my tribulations. I have followed through because it is my quest and desire to fulfill my part in helping through the transition from darkness to the light.

    I have been stuck for awhile, cannot write, can not work on the writings, my passion is hiding from me because I choose to be weak and burnt out.

    I am going to be forwarding 2005 writings to this site. I can use up to 5 SSL on my site, at this time I only have two. Actually, I have four they are already forwarded here. I do not go over there to my second site very often so extremely low activity.

    Dream On by Aerosmith I had to put it on 100% on a pretty good speaker my Son got. Okay, I put it down to 71%.

    May The Grace of Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ from God showdown in the World His Love for Mankind and the magnitude of really being, “In Presence of Spirit,” with God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit which is in all religions! One God Almighty, One Heaven on Earth, One True Love, The one who is in each one of us to activate our kingdom of heaven within our eternal beings. Ask and you will receive.

    See in my writings I wrote from within my inner being. All I wanted was to be in presence of spirit, with The Holy Spirit of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was for two decades. Excited to study to write to work on my writings, and I have lost it. I would like to be able to write while in presence of spirit, again.

    Can you imagine 17 grandchildren one in heaven? From two twenty-one years Divorced people? Oh, in actuality, I could not spend one more ounce of energy on that person that was my husband for 14 and a half years.

    My writings are through the transitions from darkness to the light. In the light of every single extension of my personal conversations with the Lord. I have shared.

    I would like to get Richard his lift chair and some kind of handicapped accessible bathroom bathtub for him and a new wheelchair. The car is finally fixed, got the full wire harness, for the alternator, starter, and battery, and the alternator $313.55. Seventh Alternator.

    In the last four months, I have had the transmission go out, fixed 500.00, the top of the engine 480 my Son paid that, the radiator and hoses 150.00, 4 relays for my fan 52.00, four new tires 148 special at Walmart they refused to touch my tires. I had to take it to a tire shop. I had been going to for years that was 60.00, and the battery. My Son gave me his battery.

    His car yuk, cannot even use my driveway. I hate it and I can not move it. Well, I am complaining but it is weird being without a car. I do not drive much but when I need to I can now.

    I am in divine connection with the fulfillment of my desires of completing this my “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” I am trying. Help Lord! Wendy Yvette Greenwell November 25, 2017

    December 4, 2017, I activated my YouTube Station. I uploaded five videos, I made, with the help of my Computer and the applications I use. I have never seen anything like the pictures. I had 18 GB’s on my phone, there was no room left 6000 pictures in a month. Wendy





JUNE 5, 2020

    Praise, Pray, Anointing, Forgiveness, Truth, Strength, Faith, Wisdom, Courage, Love, Testimony, Compassion.

    Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity. Health, Realm, Dimension, Spirit, In Spirit, Higher Self, Inner Self, Divine Higher Self, Cosmos, Universe, Multi-Universe,

    Galaxies, Planets, Comet, Asteroids, Light, DNA, Ancestral background. Omnipotent, Magnificence, Magnitude, Dynamic, All are One, One are All. So within, so without, as above, so below.

    Creative, Fortitude, Reach up to the heavens in heart, mind, and soul. Gladness, Joy, beauty, Majestic, Light let’s, Hope, Endurance, Powerful, Together For Ever, Dimensions in time, place, and significant reason. Reach out to the Heaven’s.

    Archangels, Legions of Angels, Principles, principalities. I hold dominion over my dwelling. I have done the work.

    I am free to be me in Union with my dear heavenly Father in one in spirit. One in the Lord, Together to Proclaim The Majesty of the Ever Presence of our One Love. One Resurrection to Life Eternal, in One that is, and ever shall be World without end.

    These people need help, to find you sooner than later. Understanding, Patience, Eternal Love, Eternal Being, Space and Time. Why are we here? Your people need your manna. Rain down on the multitudes for clearing, cleansing, purification of the oneness of truth, which is in each one of our BEINGS.

    To behold The Beatitudes, That God the Father through his Son gave us, The Holy Trinity of Spirit, In Spirit. to take away the sins of the World and give them peace in their ever presence.

    Start waking up to the new day, the new month, the new Year. 2020. We got this far. Using resources to destroy the atmosphere of our Complete Solar System. We are in Space. Time is flying by.

    The World is in dire straights, and everyone wants to play. Spend money on non-essential things. What happened to survival mode? Lies have taken over the masses.

    The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Liars are in all sectors of Society. Brutality has exceeded it’s boundaries, for there are no boundaries. People are running Rampant.

    Pain from Centuries ago because men think they are superior in their deception, control, and power, with no understanding of the right thing to do for, The People of Heaven on Earth.

    Entwined in The Ever-Presence of The Lord’s Spirit, to ignite the regeneration of our World, for God’s Kingdom Has and Come, God’s Will is Done. Give it to God through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. To You with Love.

    In The Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Bring love and light to the entire Body Elements. Ignite the Crystalline Grid at High  Vibrations and transmit it through the Air Waves, so the World can heal through this Pandemic., and everything else.

    Clear the air waves to light the way for World Healing through The Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father, with Our Soul. We all have a piece of the pie. We need to wake up and find Our Christ Again. The Love that once was is.

    The Lord is here in the here and now of yesterdays tomorrows. I am reaching out to you Lord. Activate The Love, Compassion, Understanding, Patience, Courage, Abundance, Clarity, in this, discoursing, on going dialog, I have written with you, not without.

    Help Lord, and all that You Are In Spirit, of each one of us. Even though so many have to wake up. I am still sharing the wealth of Spirit that dwells in our entire being. A Gift to You, anyone who will ever find, 

    Bring Light to the Eye, “I,” The I am of You are, and I am. Individually, and “All for One and One for All.” One Love in Eternity. Open up and let the Son rain down Love in the name of Jesus Christ. Wendy Y. Greenwell June 5, 2020



A Blast from the past

  I poured my heart, and soul out to You Lord. I gave You my love, admiration because I Truly Felt Your Presence in Spirit, You took that gut-wrenching pain, right out of my soul, and gave me room to breathe, “In Presence of Spirit.”

     I Love You, Jesus Christ. Your Holy Spirit ignited the light in my soul. You Unwrapped Treasures of Everlasting Peace, in Your Arms of Mercy.

    You Opened Up The Windows of Heaven and Rained Down Heavenly Manna of, Your, Presence in Spirit. Through a sinner from darkness to the light. Wendy April 29, 2020 It is weird without the date I wrote it.

©2020 Wendy Yvette Greenwell



Open up the channels of communication in Spirit to activate the circuits of dynamic energy in our heart and soul.

    I am weeding out the things that do not belong here. So I can have my life in order to fulfill my part. I have fulfilled my part, I still am floundering on, what I am supposed to do next. So while I am waiting, I am preparing to come out of my limited thinking, and I am asking for the spark to be ignited to the light, and Love through Jesus Christ from God The Father of All Mankind.

    Thoughts are flowing with no where to hide. Even when I had not shared one writing, it was energetically transmuted, to the Heavens at once. It is touching the core of understanding, and transcribing it piece by piece, and Publishing to whomever finds it. I have been selfish to myself, by not activating anything on Social Media etc. I am safe, but not really.

    I ask in the name of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit for Benevolent Beings of Light, Love, Liberty, and Justice For All. Help me in my transition from bla to enlightened again. I request Faith, Courage, ignition, ignited to the light of Love, that is in everyone to initiate. Open up the channels of communication in Spirit, to activate the circuits of dynamic energy in our heart and soul.

    To Proclaim once again, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” our eternal beings, forever in eternity, be that we are here, and or we are not. We are all one, One Source God Almighty, particles of The Divine Source Energy that brought us into being.

    Open my eyes, heart, soul, to understanding what I have done, is share my journey from darkness to the light, “In Presence of Spirit.” It was never meant for just me. That is why I am still on-line.

Help Me open up to the "Kingdom of Heaven Within." I want to be alive in Spirit, with bountiful blessings for All Humanity, seen and unseen. Widen my perception. I have been there before, I want to be there again. May 5, 2019 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2019-2020 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


APRIL 10, 2020


    I played out in the rain again. The Solar Lights have been working for a year. They are so pretty. I lent my lawnmower out and I tried to mow yesterday and it is broken. Yeah, so what did I do, I ate and went to sleep for three and a half hours.

    To me, I used to be able to write. Now I am trying to write again, but it is not the same. Nothing is the same. My Son is not physically here anymore. I can not see my girls and all my 18, one in heaven grand children.

    I have deleted people off my Facebook, and blocked others. I am detached from being emotional. It hurts my eyes to cry.

    I have shared hundreds, five hundred and six to be exact conversations, I have had with the Lord. I still believe they are meant to be shared. As for my hobby, taking video’s and photos at night in the rain. I think they are beautiful.

    All of my writings were’ essentially for me first. Because I needed it desperately. I was never bored while I worked on them. I always new one day I would Publish them. Like actually sharing them without interaction with the people that have and are reading the writings and watching the few video’s I have on here. Not minding if anyone in the World thinks I am crazy.

    It is amazing that so much information is on one page, one site, well with me, three domains all forwarded to They all needed to be together. Because I do not know what to do with the other domains. Kinda of like a pressure deal. Oh you have one domain you have to get more. Then if you stop paying, someone buys it and you have lost your name. Well, In Presence of Spirit, is all mine, I have shared it to the World, on this site since December 13, 2013.

    I wrote it, I named it, it has been mine for 32 years. That is three decades and two years. It is mine Wendy, forever, even after I am not here anymore. The extensions have been with me for twenty-four years. I have worked like I did not need the money, all along.

    So with this, protect yourselves from this horrible virus that has caused havoc in all our lives. “Raise your hearts and minds up to the heavens and bring back the true beautiful aspects of life. Therefore making us open souls to raise to heaven, when God is ready for us. For our Children, for our Families, for our neighbors, and the World.” God Bless The World as one in Spirit, one in the Lord. April 12, 2020, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2020 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


A Journey from darkness to the light. A song, a praise, a verse, a prayer, a poem, to you with love Wendy