It is the last couple of days of being, 51 years old.

Something Special To Share

It has been eight weeks, the 6th since I had a complete hysterectomy. Lots of fibroid tumors, which made for a miserable 17 months, for sure.

I have not worked on my writings, in five months. I drafted everything on my blog.

Which is good for me, at this time, for now, I will keep my writings in the draft, until I make up my mind.

    I always thought I have something special to share, but oh well, it can not be verified, with someone, who has not been through, what I have been through, in my quest, to have more than pain and suffering in my life.

    To me, I was having, Conversations with the Lord. To everyone else, I am crazy. No verification, {outside the realm of human-hood?} Who am I, just Wendy. This is me, in my mortality, but in my immortality, I have been, “In Presence of Spirit In Conversations With The Lord.” I know in my heart this is true. February 7, 2012, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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