My first thoughts of each day,

I feel I have one last writing. But when?

I can not repeat, (at this point in time.) I have been working on the writings on and off. I was keeping up, then I go through a couple days of depression.

I want to write. I feel I have one last writing, but when?

I am gearing up, I guess. I am running through 2005 writings. It has a lot of pages around 28,000 words. I can not read, all of it again.

I know, it is how it needs to be, for now.

I love my husband of my youth, in spirit, and I gave him all that was received, to share. He trusts me, to do the right thing, for everyone concerned.

Awesome reading and everyone to share with, one day, soon.

It is accomplished. I am just doing the last calculations, and putting it, all in my order. I am saving it. I will have it to transfer, possibly.

  • started from scratch.
Get this:

“I ask, for him that is my destiny. Oh no, if it is not him, I do not want anyone else. ” Obsessive compulsive. Yeah right. It has been awhile since the car went anywhere.

Lord forgive my everything, I need forgiveness for.

No specifics, I already put my heart and soul, into it, what has been written, is what was meant to be, Drafted and Executed for, Your Purpose, Lord Jesus. April 17, 2009 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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