Thank You, Jesus, for the prayers.

They Are A Positive Affirmation of True Echoing

For understanding. For the encouragement, to complete, partial writings.

Thank You, for letting me hold onto the ones, I have left.

They are a positive affirmation, of true echoing, through my ever presence.

    “A Conversation with the Lord.” Inner awareness of who, the, “I Am,” is, “spiritual oneness,” in Christ Jesus, we are, “I Am.”

    “Presence of God is shown to the multitudes.” “Ignite the light, that is yours, in my heart.” me. “bring gladness to hearts, for sure there is an end to pain.” me 

    Lord Jesus recognize the writings, from You with Love. Jesus Christ to me, a sinner, that was in bondage. Open up the heavens, and bring peace to humankind.

    Thank You for the writings, Jesus. I am grateful for You, and Your Ever Presence. With a heavenly kiss, to You, Dear Lord. Wendy November 20, 2004

©2004-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.