It is eight p.m. on this once again eventful day.

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Ever since I started my journey through the darkest corner of my soul.

    Now I have a question for you? People say, to be, in the spirit, in God, of God, that you must always be happy, joyous, or you are not a Christian. If I am no religion, am I Christian, or just spiritual at times, ever since I started my journey through the darkest corner of my soul.

    To the light, that is shining through, “In Presence of Spirit,” to you with love. The enemy has been on my back again and again. I am not joyous, does that mean God, is not in me? Na, How can it be?

I am going to organize the writings, put all the originals, and edited pieces together.

    I jumped into it unorganized. I did not know, what the plan was, and then of course, in the process, it showed itself, ” as the tongue of a ready writer.” First things first, I have to put all 2005 writings together, “this is what I am doing now.” I have a lot of letters most all of them are with you in spirit. Thank you for offering your mind to join mine. So I could complete this, which was given to me.

To complete my part in this awesome experience,

And realizing it has always been part of you, even though you did not know it. I remember the time you said, “you are all talk, no action,” but all the while I was acting on spiritual impulse. “To the ultimate plight to the light that is Jesus Christ in The Holy Spirit’s, coming home to every heart in eternity.”

    The Holy Spirit’s Eternity. The Holy Spirit’s, Ever Presence. In The Holy Spirit’s, Internal Purification. The Lamentations, and Supplications. In the giving, The Whole Existence, To The One Truth, In The Holy Spirit, is One in Heart, Soul, Love, Faith,  Cause,  Omniscience.  Everlasting Love. The Spoken Words in Spirit to the Apostles, Prophets, and now our generation has completed the renewal of the regeneration for everyone’s souls. I believe, so it is, TRUE!

I read some letters yesterday that I had found, they made me remember the ugliness.

    You told me to let you go. I thought I had. I did not interfere with any of your last eleven years. Without that person, you were’ married to for fourteen and a half years. I have not cried for you. I have given you to the Lord.

    You asked me to share, and I have. I gave you what the Lord, gave me to share with you. You will see it sooner or later. The inspiration was intense, and I let you back in a lot more than I should have, but I have accepted that you are staying with her, and your two children and that is, where you need to be.

It is OK that I voiced a bit in the flesh.

    Can you tell when the spirit of the Lord is moving the conversation, and or when the flesh of one’s being is taking control. There is a big difference, between the two. What’s up! Are you going with the flow?  This is an incredible experience with no one but R.H. God, Me, and now because of you. You helped me to come back to, “In Presence of Spirit,” and I love you, for this.

    So where are we still? Without, No, for within we are In Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father who is, was, and will always be, Our Only Savior of Our Souls. My expectations are in the Lord’s hands because I can do nothing without my love, my life, my only reason for multiplying, seventy times seventy, twenty more writings, I will have it.

    Thank You, Jesus Christ, for, “In Presence of Spirit,” and “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Because if it were’ not for all this work. I would have been a very unfulfilled, bored person, but I am not.

I progressed through adversity, and obstacles but You are by my side, so this is for you, Jesus Christ,

I give You To The World, through Our Writings, Your Salvation brought, to the heart of the children of God in Jesus Christ, You are The Resurrection and the Life.

    Thank You, Jesus Christ, for Your Presence in Spirit. Thank You for the name, “In Presence of Spirit,” it all just fell in to place, Your Place of Eternal Peace In You, With You, For You. Thank You, Jesus Christ.

    You are The Most Precious Being, through You is Life, by The Gift of Accepting You Unconditionally, there is no exception to the rule.  You know all that.

    Jesus Christ, Guide Us into tomorrow, for in the World as is, I have taken my stand, For You, With You,  on Your Feet, once again, Through You, From You, Because of You. Well, we are going to be OK. November 17, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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