Oh Lord, have mercy on me, and this entire journey. I must submit, into Publication.

Oh Lord have mercy on me and this entire Journey I must submit

I was making a list, and then I wrote this: Inspiration. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Blessings. The Reunion in Spirit. World Reunion, United in, The Kingdom of Heaven, which is in reach.

    Who’s up for the first reading, well second because, I am the first always and forever. The first person in the present tense of the, “I Am, One in Spirit, One in the Lord.”

    The Holy Spirit, Blessed me with, the Holy Presence, Omnipresent in all my writing, even in the I of me, that feels unworthy at intermediate times. It is time to put the peddle to the medal. What is keeping me back? March 25, 2009

    Jesus, I need You. I need You, to wake me up, and finish what You gave me to do. I am lost, without You. I can not go another day, without You. I keep backtracking, making choices, that does not mean, anything, at all, compared to the gift, You have given me, to share.

    Oh Lord forgive me, for being so desperate, in my situation. Only You can change this error of judgment. Only You can forgive me, for my transgression.

    You are the only one, I need, and I am still searching for something, that will not be lasting. That cannot be fulfilling.

    I need You, Lord, I am bored. I have to share, what You have shared, with me, “Your Presence in Spirit,” in words of comfort. March 27, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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