Jesus Christ, thank you for the fifteen pages

Interesting Lights in the elements
The prayers have been answered.

Of, Inspiring Presence of Your Spirit to Spirit for the husband of my youth, I have everyone back. My stuff needs its room. I changed my mind about the letters, they came back to me, and I edited them and wrote them all over again, structured. When I write, I write straight through, no indention, no paragraphs, just straight writing.

    Fifteen pages of insight of, The Holy Spirit of You Lord, Your Presence is seen, and felt, through the entire writing, thirty-six pages, my handwriting, The first letters were still in the flesh, I was mean not horrible, but I reminded him of whatever, I had to for past sake.

When you came in, I was in awe.

    Then after the letters were’ sent out, I continued writing. But what I am prepared to send you is unbelievable. What you have let me share with him, Lord.

    Then to realize this was the husband of my youth, that has been gone for eleven years, ten divorced. And all I ever wanted was for him, to be, in the presence of The Most Holy, you Lord, to ease his pain. He has found you, and you and he are working together, in a place where the lost have found the shelter of a sort.

Jesus Bless every person in the World,

That is, behind bars. Bring peace and understanding to their souls, and guide, and direct them, To Your Calling. Come home into the presence of spirit, and rest while you are in transformation. Cleanse your soul through Christ Jesus. He will open up your entire being, to the presence of peace and forgiveness.

    Do not hold any one’s burden, at this point everyone for himself. Then after the cleansing, knowledge, and understanding come in. The process has been described, and shown, “then you feel calm through the rockiest year of your life, but with the strength, and guidance, God offers through His Magnificent Gift.”


    Complete Inheritance of The Kingdom of God Within and you know you are not alone anymore. You are the Congregation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is Calling His Chosen, them that can hear, let him come at once, and enter the inner chamber of your soul.

Jesus Christ, I always knew you were with me,

These past five years since I sent our book to be published. I just lost myself for a while, but I was working, making a paycheck. Going through all the trials and tribulations of raising three teenagers and three teenage pregnancies, then losing one to S.I.D.S. Now two years later another baby, so that is four in teens and one on the way.

I have been working.

R.H. is weaker, needs me twenty-four-seven, so I make a little, but I am saving a lot. Ha, and I am working on the writings, I did not put in the book. I edited all that was set before me.

    First come, first serve. I was just stricken with the omnipresence of the writings, incredible. So I have fifteen pages of writings to you, and all the other ones, I have not seen or read in several years or so. They have always been with me. I just stopped going through them. No time, no energy, no desire, put in a rut, with trauma every day. The ugliness is subsiding.

    The prayers have been answered. Even if I can not speak in presence, I can write, In presence again, for You Jesus Christ, because you ignited the light in my soul.

    Thank You, Jesus Christ, for the husband of my youth, asking me to pray with him, and I have. Even though he does not know it yet. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for opening the heavens. September 6, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2005-2023 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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