Without, Within, here we go again,

White light in the morning, it was weird
Without, Within, Here we go again

I will overcome this minor set back, and I am forgiven. Alright, you are a married man. I will not interrupt that. So no strings attached. We will overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ. There is away from the ashes of yesterday and the everlasting splendor of God’s Creation.

A way to be forgiven,

A form of release of the inner man was waiting, being freed from the bondage of any kind, but the enemy is attacking, he sees something going on, surprise attack, huh.

    No! Wipe my self off, and give my life and my love, through the Lord, to you, to make you feel, one with the Spirit, of our Family. I needed a break from writing. I am just sorry it was the enemy at my back again, to finish off the realm of abominations, and to put an end to it through Christ Jesus.

See this is the way, I wrote my book.

    I showed you or tried to explain to you how I edit. Boy, I wish I could write again. I am but you are probably going to throw the letter writings away, and I am not going to copy them (the letters were sent out twice and returned to me, so that is why I have them) because they are a gift with love from Jesus and me. In Spirit of Our Oneness.

If we fall off the face of the earth for worldly, it will surely get burned.

    Protection is most important with the enemy slipping those negative, destructive thoughts of the wrong way instead of the right. Forgive me Jesus Christ for my sins. Forgive me in your name Christ Jesus.

    Thank You, Father God, my soul belongs to you. We will be alright. Well, we pray for humanity to heal itself through Christ, who is everlasting and is here to wash our sins away. For the admission of no heart. Only The Lord’s reason must be the utmost on our minds. Everyday stresses need to be eradicated to a minimal.

“*W G* Please pray with me.”

    I think I handled the whole scenario like a pro in Christ Jesus who strengthened me. “the end of our marriage.” You want prayers; I pray, they come out. I want to be able to speak, but probably not.

    See I am not ashamed my book did not sell because once I let it go, it was out of my hands, it was like I lost it. I gave it away for a big price, but it was worth the experience of keeping focused on my several jobs, learning a new way of life with obstacles, tests, struggles, births, and death.

I had a vision,

Now since I have been asking for Jesus Christ back in my life, the enemy attacks again, but Jesus Christ stands, and forgives, and gives Authority In Spirit To Proclaim “In Presence of Spirit,” in His time, not mine. Thank you for asking me to pray with you. While you were’ asking, I was writing to the point of my first eye migraine.

    Congratulation! We Made It! There is a reason for this, and it is, In Jesus Christ’s hands. So you take care, and I will be writing to you soon. I hope you like your mail from me and you’re blessed with understanding. Thank you, Jesus, for letting me write in structure not condemning. To My Brother In Christ Jesus. August 25, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell  This picture was right before the big white cloud on the top. Weird I know.

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