As I walked through the doors of the shelter,

 I thought, “how safe, courteous understanding employees, who take care of the intimate needs, of the Women and Children, who walk through those doors.

Writings In Secret Forever or Not

As breakfast started Moms were’ preparing the meal for the Children hurt, battered, but going on with the everyday duty of caring, picking up fragments of themselves, while keeping focus on their young.

    I observe mostly children five and under. The outward appearances seemed, not to show the real story. The inside concerned me. (They were fighting).

    Realizing all these Women and Children, had just gotten out of the, “Last Fight.” As I watched the children, I saw my own, at all their ages. I was grieved to see the outcome of an evasive cycle.

    The residue of the ending cycle, of the degeneration, of Our Unities broken from bondage, to prepare the way, for the regeneration of our souls.

Life’s trauma’s, affect the balance of the truth.

Confused, through clouded darkness, of one’s most inner being. The circle of events, are repetitious, throughout history. So many are kept secret, chartered course, and it is hard to stop the cycle.

No man is better: My God is the oceans.

    Are the mountains. Are the trees, plants, tropical forests. The food therein is spirit, and spirit is not mind power, it is heart power, compassion. Thank You Lord, you always knew I wanted, to write.

Women’s Advocate Hall:

friends working together in all crises, loneliness, acceptance, compassion, tenderness, honesty. Truth shall set us free. Thank You Lord.

    We all get our ancestor’s vibrations, repetition, since time started. One million to one million, some one from Noah’s Ark, had an unclean heart, and passed it on through. This is why, Christ was sent from, and through God.

    Christ is within, us all. He is there for the asking, a heartfelt, bottomless pit. You have to reach down deep, and then accept, Jesus Christ as Our Savior. He is, Our Source. He is, The Most High. He is Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, In Infinite, Magnificent Form.

    My Lord, My God, you know what my mind says, but mine heart, lead’s to Glory, complete for, You. My eyes, your stars, your truths implanted firmly in my heavenly loins, for thou know the wombs of us, that have been privileged, too full term life, Your life, Your love, Your compassion, Your strength, Your communion with the Angels, since infinite time began.

Safe Haven’s Community Services:

Anyone in need of comfort, compassion, understanding. It is time to put away selfishness. We are all on a ride. Why not get on together? for tomorrow is coming fast, and then do you want your life, to be in vain? mine is not anymore.

    Lord, grant that I might see, through Your heart. To ride that white stallion, through Your Great Gates of Eternal Life. “Lord Show Me Thy Way.” Well You already are, I can not really live two lifetime’s, in one day. Thanks for slowing me down to a nice trickle. While I am sponging your knowledge.

    Thank You, for showing me my place in heaven, and Thank You for letting me see the light. All I saw were people, using people, taking advantage, not listening or looking to see, what really was going on.

    Who made you Judge, Jury and clown master.

Man did! God is the Only true Judge. Man could not tell the truth from a lie, so man made judge and jury.

    Man was running around. What soothed him was his ail, his women, and the control that has been misinterpreted over the centuries.

    I have reached the kingdom of heaven within, and I am growing stronger. We will meet, we will be at the pearly white gates, together. We are the caretakers, and each and everyone of us, has been used thumbs down, put down, and run down. Not by God. God’s warnings are omnipresent, but by Man’s words. “We will mount our horses and draw our swords,”

    We are the stronger to put up with the blame of man’s demise. Come out of your comas. We are not (door mats). We are brides of Our Father, who art in heaven. In the name of, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. God grant that I may see clearer, each minute that passes by, Lord, for the afflicted, are in desperate need (condition.) It is time to end the cycle. Since deceit, greed, and all the other abominations, concentrated in one big mess.

    I see a beautiful vision. It is from God. Women afflicted, being able to recover from, “The Last Fight,” together. Recovery together, helping each other, through the transitional year, and spreading their compassion, to help of the elderly, because we can make them happy, before they pass away. No more hiding, what are all you waiting for. We have to fight for our God given rights, and I will not keep my mouth closed. Writings in secret forever or not. January 29, 1996 Wendy

 © 2016-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.