God is working,

Sun through a crooked tree
Perfect Photo Shot

steering me in the ways that is a destiny to fulfil his will.

    The evolving space and time between the night I left.

    Wow, a million revelations later, I am closer to fulfilling the vision from my heart. Not just myself but everyone.

    I know my boldness throughout the writings, as I choose to call them.

    Is the fusing of I and my Father are one in heart soul revelations, to the inward realization, of the kingdom within each person.

    Capturing the true essence of love from the depths of our soul, for everyone, not just myself.

    I am on a stand still on the writings. I do not know exactly what I am going to do, but I know I have to do it.

    Help Jesus, no one way, many directions to the one passage, the right inspired direction to the inward soul that is Spirit.

    Got to feel the ignition switch, spark of light.

    “It relinquishes the past of its present pain and stands forthright to the truth of our existence.”

    Well, we can see where we are going if we but look.

    Oh Lord help with everything, we are not getting any younger.

    Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, “In Presence of Spirit.” I am an Author. “Conversations with Jesus Christ, in Spirit.”

    Thank you Lord, for my divorce.

    Oh Lord help me stay firm on my quest.

    I have fallen and I wish so, to get back on my feet.

    Let me find something interesting and encouraging and benefits to boot.

    Make my lists and prayers and acknowledgements to the Lord, in Jesus name.

    Heal my twins back.

    Jesus grant the Unions of Spirits to come to the light of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit in your blood of blessings.

    Bring peace to the mass multitudes that have lost everything in all the catastrophes all over the world.

    RPT – Revolutionary-one who takes part in a resolution or who advocates doctrine.

    Progression – an act of progressing, advancing, a continuous and connected series.

    Truth – Truthfulness, honesty.

    The real state of things.

    Fact The body of real events and facts, actuality a true or accepted statement of proposition.

    “Revolutionary progressions of truth are going to be heard through the air waves.

    People will be hearing the Son of God is here is giving the prophesy, the time is due.” 96′

    Who will help.

    We have come this far.

    Preparation has started, I have started editing my work, and I have found to remembrance, many spirit filled words, words, were’ strong and bold.

    An everlasting presence of the Lord even though, all these years since I wrote. Wendy

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